Facebook changes

Yesterday my feed was clogged with everyone unhappy about the Facebook changes. As a keen social media digital marketer I felt I had to defend the changes even when I wasnt sure how they would work for me as a personal user of  Facebook but also has a business user.

From the business point of view the jury is still out. But from the personal viewpoint the attached cartoon is the best way to explain how I feel

A cartoon showing how people react to facebook changes

15 second reaction to Facebook changes

I love this cartoon & tried to post it to Facebook – but it was too tall!

I will be researching how it may affect us from a business point of view & keep looking out for more updates on Facebook – are they doing a music deal?

Anyone else have views on the new changes from Facebook – are they just nicking the good things from Twitter & Google +


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  1. Great article explaining all the new changes -http://www.fastcompany.com/1781979/facebook-timeline-profile-page-f8-zuckerberg

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