A few weeks update

So much has happened in the last few weeks, wanted to try & include them all in a catch up post – might make this a regular start of the month thing!

Firstly, I now want an Amazon Kindle Fire – I am a gadget freak anyway but this seems to work for me, just need to know whether I can do Hootsuite & this blog – if so I reckon it will be my new year tweet. This will leave the Ipad to my husband & daughter who seem to get pleasure from it where as I use it as a practical tool! Anyone else getting the new Amazon Kindle Fire – any ideas on the date it is due for UK release?
Our current economic climate as meant that my sister was made redundant & now my mum is likely to – 10 days before Christmas. My sister is doing all the right things but is still struggling to find work – she is mainly over qualified! She is enjoying looking after Scarlett at least 3 days a week rather than sitting in bored!

Scarlett seems to have a better social life than my & the husband put together! Her week is :

Scarlett playing at playgroup

Scarlett playing on a ride on car @ playgroup

Monday – all day at Nursery

Tuesday AM – Playgroup

Wednesday PM – Playgroup

Thursday AM – Music

Thursday PM – Swimming

Friday AM – Playgroup

Friday PM – Playdates

Do other mums feel their kids have amazing social life & you are always running around preparing for the next day! I see the changes in her every day & learns something new so I would recommend it to any mums. She also loves going to the library which I tend to do on a Saturday morning, I’m lucky that all the local libraries have activities & a wide range of books for Scarlett’s age. No wonder with all this activity she is sleeping in her own cot all night! Two weeks & counting.

This month my new team member finally started & she is an asset to the team. Her title Social Media Executive is one of many I have seen advertised over the last few months. It seems all business are now recruiting for social media posts. In her 1st two weeks she has made a difference and capitalised on all the things we should have being doing but never had time. I’m sure she will make a huge difference to the company & the role digital plays.

Social media has been on the news recently, with Facebooks new features & Google + now open to everyone. Working in digital and being at the start of social media I find all these changes fascinating and cannot wait to see how they will playout personally & professionally. The only issue I have at the moment is the overkill of status updates, it seems since it opened to all I get loads & loads of similar & not relevant updates making it impossible to find the good stuff! Might be going off G+ already.

Lots planned for this month including

Books – planning to catch up on my professional & personal reading. New Martina Cole book is on order from the library
Christmas planning – trying to budget & spread the cost of Christmas by starting early
To buy or rent – as my little girl grows she is slowly taking over our house (and her nans & aunties) so we are looking to upsize

What has everyone else got planned?


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