Sitting in the office watching the SoCon2011 live stream & following the great advice on Twitter. Shame I cannot be there but great that I can still be involved.

Live stream

Some great advice so far:

Even if they aren’t a customer, advocates are key because they create the noise around your brand (@KarlHavard

Social listening is “the best piece of market research you never commissioned.

You identity must be different on each Social Networks @Matthew Hawn.

When you’re planning a campaign, the thing you really need to think about is ‘share of day’ @NickoBennett

It’s not about impressions, it’s about time share. How much time do your social media fans spend on your brand?

78% of people trust social peer recommendations, only 14% trust adverts.

4170 mins spent in digital channels monthly by UK ABC1’s: 35% mobile, 41% sites, 40% email, 23% social x 30 days.

Social Media does not change the story, it increases the speed at which it travels.

@Qype_CMO0 success is social, viral, measurable, mobile and commercial.

Less than 1% of mobile apps hit the 1m downloads mark.

“It’s no longer about pushing people to your e-commerce site, it’s about creating a social shopping experience” Tejal Patel:

Social commerce is not about get your products to Facebook #SoCon2011 It’s about creating social experience / aspects

Tejal Patel @nokia:” it’s not how big your fan base is, it is how engaged they are

Once acquired brands have an obligation to entertain/engage fans. Size isn’t everything, if fan base isn’t interacting

Nokia pulling endorsements from other social channels into Facebook, it’s legal but is it right?

Good and bad commentaries must be part of any Facebook page. In short, no censorship on your page

Working with advocates gives brands more time to focus on creating great content – John Horsley

Seems proving and predicting ROI for social media is a challenge for even large, established brands

20,000+ mentions of Dell online, in 11 languages everyday

When the brand & the consumer share the medium it’s no longer #Marketing, it’s #Socializing#Socon2011 via @NickoBennet

Also found some great resources from @utalkmarketing

Social media stories

Top five blogs

Had an interesting day on Tuesday working from home. Recent times I have tried this I have struggled with my daughter not understanding Mummy is working & not there for playing so I arranged childcare.  Although I spend a productive day I still felt guilty for being home & her being out. Do other mums experience this?


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