Social Media Update

Sorry for the time between posts. I was off having my wisdom teeth removed……

While I was off the debate about Klout etc contuined. I ready a great article which seemed to make sense.

I’m following the Digital Brand Summit on Twitter so I will keep you updated:

We have relationships with people, not the brand. Well quoted by @RussellMarsh2020, one of the pillars of social media. #DBSS

@russellmarsh2020 just mentioned Google’s Zero Moment of Truth ebook. Looks pretty cool. And it is free.

Words of wisdom from @russellmarsh2020 re bad PR “Always remember that Google never forgets.” #DBSS

Social media is not just a campaign, it should be integrated into everything your organisation does’ #DBSS

Matt Gierhart at #DBSS : Understand trends in the way people talk about categories not just your brand. Cars not just Ford. Big challenge.

Tom Rainsford of giffgaff claims average customer service response time of 90 seconds online, much of it from other customers. #DBSS

“You can’t buy advocacy. It has to come from authentic conversations with your customers.” #DBSS

“You shouldn’t measure Facebook by clicks & Likes,” parting words from Facebook’s very own David Parfect. #DBSS

Brand is what people say when you leave the room” Jeff Bezos. With social “brand is what people say when you’re still in the room

During the riots, BT used Twitter to persuade people not to call 999 except in emergencies. Waiting time went down from 40s to 0s. #Dbss

Socially “engaged customers spend 30% more” with brands, research from @joshuamarch48 at #DBSS, social business.



Josh March at #DBSS – on average around 64% of customer queries, questions or complaints on Facebook, Twitter, etc are ignored by brands


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