Google Event

Apart from the offices lacking much Google branding it was a good event.

Key notes as follows:

Google Display Network

Growing 27% – faster than search

Three ways:

–          Google sites

–          Ad exchange – other sites selling inventory

–          Partner sites

Achieve 93% UK reach – touch someone every 14 mins.

0.4% click through rate

Can target on:

–          Content

  • Topic targeting
  • Keyword targeting

–          Audience

  • Interest category
  • Demographics
  • Remarketing
    • 0.6 – 0.7& CTR
    • Frequency cap
    • Negative retargeting – only targeting those who HAVENT seen your advert
    • Cross sell – tagged from a purchase page shown a relevant other product advert
    • Pre Roll Advert –awareness


Mobile Trends & Insights

74% use mobile whilst doing another activity

70% use mobile for general search

28% brought via a Smartphone

45% use Smartphone in buying process

24% use to compare prices

21% changed mind about in store purchase after using Smartphone

28% saw advert & took action – 20% purchased on desktop

44% clicked advert

34% visited website

Good sites mentioned – &

Only 17% UK companies have mobile site

Tips for a mobile site:

–          Prioritise content

–          White space

–          Big buttons

–          Easy to convert

Mobile campaigns can work on tablets as tablets display WebPages like desktops!

SoLoMO – social, mobile & local

Mobile advertising targeting

–          Bundles

–          Handset

–          Operator

–          Location

–          Time of Day

–          Content


Types of mobile advertising

–          Search adverts

–          Display

–          In apps

–          YouTube


Mobile calls to action:

–          Click to call

–          Site Links

–          Call to download

–          Hyper local  – Google Places


New things:

–          Expandable adverts  – can link to Facebook Pages/YouTube videos

–          New advert format using touch screen – can wipe away layer of creative

–          Near field communication – Google Wallet- mobile scanning & payment


How to build your brand on YouTube

3rd biggest site in UK

3b videos are streamed

48 hours of video uploaded a minute

Facebook shows 150 years of UT video day

500 tweets a minute contain a UT link

83% reach across UK

18 hours a month of video is watched a month

Same reach s E4

ABC, male & female equal split – all ages

1in3 comment

2in 5 upload

1 in 2 share


Video tips

–          Average length 3.8 mins

–          Keep it real

–          Keep it fresh

–          Encourage views & interactions

–          Encourage subscription


True view Adverts

Charged when viewing advert – 2p a view

–           In stream – pre roll

–          In slate – on page

–          In search – as result

–          In display – Google network

4% CTR


Approach partners  for revenue share agreements – althogrims!


Google Analytics – Periscopix


Two main ways people come to your site:

–          Intent – search

–          No intent – social media


New & useful things:

–          Advanced segments

–          Cross segments

–          Customer journey  – using Flow Visualisation

–          Multichannel funnels  – looks at all clicks not just last click attribution

Demo of Google Real-time

Anyone else attend the event?



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