2012 New Year

2012 seems like a weird year – digital has taken off and I’m sure will grow more & more this year.

So far I have picked up all kinds of digital predictions for 2012 which I thought I would share;

Social Media

Great presentation summarising the social media trends for 2012.

Google+ may reach 400 million users by end of 2012

30 Social Media Predictions for 2012


Search & Mobile Marketing Trends: SEO Apocalypse 2012

Biggest Search Events of 2011 & Predictions for 2012


What will mobile marketing look like in 2012?


5 email marketing insights for 2012

I am a big fan of Mashable and really like there 6 Crazy Tech Predictions for 2012

Also some key stats from the end of 2011:

Over a third of people watch TV via IP-connected devices

Online Video Trends in 2011: From YouTube Mobile to Major Redesign

Picked up a great infograph on what happens in the internet over 60 seconds:

Infograph showing Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet

Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet



Not sure I’ve actually made New Years Resolutions rather things that will happen this year – in order:

1. New house

2. Holiday

3. Olympics

What about you? What are your new years resolutions?



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