SXSW – interactive

I finally got round to reading all my articles, tweets & inforgraphs on SXSW – a great interactive conferenceine the USA.

To summarise,  the top new things (and winners of awards are:

Highlight – a social location service you can use with your Iphone, allowing you to connect with people in the same place. Another worthy mention is Glancee

Take this Lollipop – a interactive live action facebook connect experience. Uses your Facebook content in video/animation to tailor to you!

Pinterest – a great new site where you can create boards of things that interest you

Screwed – a really innovative way to sell your business. Craftsman wanted to show off their products, so they took a novice DIYer and taught him DIY – they filmed all their efforts, added tips from tweeter & shared content on all social networks.

Storify – helps users tell stories by using social media.  I have only just joined!

Eyefi Ipad App – the best thing about this is you can have a EyeFi card in your camera and directly update images to your Ipad! I am going to get the card & test it on my next holiday!

There seems quite a few things being talked about; frictionless payments; voice activation and tv/social media.

As I didnt follow the conference on Twitter, I have found the following summaries really interesting:

Interactive Marketing Insights from SXSW 2012

Battling Bad WiFi, Battery Drain & The Silicon Valley Mafia

2012 SXSW Interactive Roundup

Here is a few of the cool infographs:

Infograph showing social media chatter at SXSW

Social Media Chatter @ SXSW

Infograph show the the SXSW buzz and aftermath

Using social media to show the buzz of SXSW


Stat of the post:

80% of Brits are simultaneous media users (use at least 2 different forms of media at the same time).

European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) as cited by eMarketer, December 2010

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