Social media intresting facts

Reading an interview by NMA with Twitter UK boss Tony Wang, I was interested that he believed Twitter content had to be immediately incredibly interesting or valuable where as on Facebook people can interact & dwell on your brand.  Are these two still the most important social networks for brands? What about new things, Pinterest, Tumblr, 4Square, with all these new ones no wonder there is questions about fatigue & spreading yourself too thin.

I was interested to read articles about employees asking for your Facebook password – is this really happening in the USA? It makes me worry that employers that are asking for this really dont understand social media.

Did you know that more men check in on Foursquare and women spend more time on facebook. I think the competitiveness of Foursquare appeals to men and the social aspect of Facebook to women. Read more here. One man didnt really understand facebook or the tool “people you may know” after it caught him out as a bigamist!

I have recently joined storify – not used it yet! I will be getting fatigue as noticed more & more people using Tumblr which I will be looking into! And with Facebook buying Instagram, do I need to start using that on the Android phone??




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