eCommerce Expo

This year I decided to attend the eCommerce Expo in Manchester – hoping to get into the seminars as not a main London event.  It worked, I got into the seminars but the workshops werent of the best quality. For great updates read the twitter stream of Albie Attias @aattias

My notes are as follows:

Email marketing behavioural – Red eye

  • Standout, timely and relevant
  • Rfm, historic, lifestyle, engagement, automation, dynamic content, behavioural data
  • Emails based on triggers and behaviour most likely to be effective
  • Three quarters of people says they un-subscribe due to irrelevant emails
  • Example Haven Holidays based on search information and what entered in holiday save, increased in relevancy
  • Email analytics, online direct marketing, current browsing behaviour
  • Maximise lifestyle value by targeting behaviour
  • Nursery programmes to encourage loyalty in infancy of relationship
  • Re engagement, different pot for those not engaging in last 6 months.
  • Need to make sure tags work for behavioural email to work

Ecommerce business – Love – Neal Slateford/ Richard Longhurst

  •  Not knowing everything shouldn’t stop for you..
  • Need capital…spend most on website, stock & photoshoot
  • What makes you special your own products
  • Retail is detail, know your products
  • Know your community and they will care for you
  • If you out source what will you be good at?
  • Go the extra inch….WOM and repeat purchase…customer service does your marketing
  • Find good people… 75 % though twitter
  • Easier to change direction when moving….get going and add add add
  • Don’t need to spend money to get noticed….get products reviewed or featured


Data is King – email vision – Henry Smith

  • Data sources – customers, campaign, product, transactions, media & content
  • Turning data into actionable insights
  • 49% people unsub from list previously subscribed to Yahoo blocked over 120 billion emails
  • Expect to receive tailored emails based on behaviour online
  • Customer visualisation segment your customer base
  • Customer journey, acquisition, nursery, active, lapse & dormant
  • Life cycle insight *** Filofax email to social integration



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