Watching my little girl grow up

In under 5 weeks Scarlett will be 2! It has flown by and everyday I remark how grown up she is.

To mark that I wanted to list all the cool things she has done and will be doing in the next year – this will go along with my post 71 things you child should know.


  1. Baked a cake – she loves to bake cakes all the time
  2. Finger painted – she loves doing this at Aunty Natalies
  3. Danced with no inhibitions – at her 1st holiday – the video is my fav ever
  4. Made sandcastles on the beach – well she helped her dad
  5. Been chased by a monster – Rastamouse & Peppa Pig!
  6. Fed the ducks
  7. Blown bubbles
  8. Had a teddy bear’s picnic – this was her 1st birthday
  9. Chosen a favourite book – she loves books
  10. Ridden on the top of double-decker bus
  11. Visited a museum
  12. Been on a train ride
  13. Fed an animal
  14. Worn pants on your head – mine & her dads!
  15. Stayed the night away from home
  16. Ridden on daddy’s shoulders
  17. Scribbled somewhere you shouldn’t – the kitchen cupboards
  18. Cleaned your own teeth
  19. Answered the phone – she loves doing that at her Uncles restaurant!

To Do

  1. Made a mud pie
  2. Sung loudly in public
  3. Climbed a big hill
  4. Picked fruit
  5. Jumped in a puddle so hard the water went in mummy’s shoe too
  6. Belly-flopped
  7. Grown cress in the shape of your name
  8. Ridden the tea-cups at the fair
  9. Flown a paper aeroplane
  10. Poo’ed in the bath
  11. Mastered a party piece
  12. Had a ‘first love’
  13. Bought something in a shop
  14. Set your sights on a future career (pirate, fairy or builder, perhaps?)
  15. Told a fib
  16. Made up an inappropriate nickname for someone
  17. Broken something valuable

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