Book review – Go Mobile

Go Mobile: Location-Based Marketing, Apps, Mobile Optimized Ad Campaigns, 2D Codes and Other Mobile Strategies to Grow Your Business – by Jeanne Hopkins, Jamie Turner

Mobile Website

  • Smaller pages
  • Less content
  • Simpler layouts
  • Compatibility across multiple platforms
  • Redirect from current site that identifies mobile browser and redirects to mobile site – prompted vs. automatic


 Mobile Marketing


Cost effective

Call to Action

– Text to call

– Text to request brochure

– Text to enter/vote

– Text to email

– Text to download

– Text to discount code

– Text to donate

Paid Search

Separate Google search campaigns

Mobile directory services



Mobile optimized search engines

Mobile Q&A



Google can now place display adverts via their mobile ad network

Call to action

– Drivers users to a location (maps)

– Viral coupon promotion (download)

– Add event to calendar

– Sign up for email promotion

– Add users photos into an advert


Location Based Campaigns

For example 4square – where people check in to places/events

Near field communications & Bluetooth


Mobile Apps

Offering added value to the consumer. Most are now categorised as follows:

– News & information

– Social

– Games

– Shopping

– Branded

– Productivity

– Financial

– Educational

Appvertising – offering space in your app for advertising


QR Codes/2D Codes

Code that can be scanned by phones & direct users to a webpage – useful at events/posters


Mobile Video

As more video is digested via mobile we will need to consider this in development of videos



e-commerce optimised for mobile – i.e. Amazon/eBay 1-click



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