London 2012 – my Olympic adventure

Monday was the best day ever….after months and months of trying to get tickets we finally made it to the Olympic Park.

I’d spent weeks checking the travel, the weather, the events on whilst we were there and finally it was here.

We started out at 9.30ish driving to Milton Keynes station, quite an easy road trip – helped by the sausage sandwiches provided by our adventure companions Kirsten & Dan. Train in from Milton Keynes to London Euston, 1st tube to Oxford and then central line to Mile End – I remarked to Marcus that we had been travelling  for 4 hours!

We chose Mile End as we were off to Victoria Park, firstly to have our picnic and then to visit BT London Live.

Our picnic was of epic portions:

Us having our picnic at Victoria Park

Our epic picnic

Then the only disappointment of the day – at @BTLondonLive we were told we couldn’t take in any food or liquids. I couldn’t understand this as you could take snacks into the Olympic Park – also the zip wire we have pre-booked wasnt open! No pre-warning or explanation. I am still waiting to hear back from @BTLondonLive about why we had to throw food away!

NB: Glad we didn’t do the zip wire after Boris!

In Victoria Park there was quite a few attractions, big screens, sports to try, food and great things for kids. Scarlett decided she wanted to bounce and it was the best £5 I have ever spent:

Scarlett on trampoline

I jumping Mummy

Watched the diving on the big screens, atmosphere starting to build and then off went, walking to the Olympic Park.

WOW as we entered by Victoria Park even the grass looked amazing. It wasnt until we had gone past the privileged area did we see the crowds! What an experience.

We looked round and was amazed by each and every venue, began taking pictures in front of every event. Started to find box offices, we were directed to the one outside the basketball areana… into the queue we get!

After queuing for about 20 mins the volunteer said we are running low….honestly I thought we would have three adults crying! Luckily we got our tickets and off we ran to the arena. Our seats were amazing:

Great seats at the London 2012 Olympic Basketball Arena

London 2012

Great game from the Russians and Brazil women – the atmosphere was amazing and we all loved it!

After that up the hill we went to get our picture taken under the Olympic Rings, even queuing for that was great as we had an amazing view of the mens team at the Gynamastics on the big screen to our left and the GB hockey to our right. For every goal they scored and the for that split second we have silver the whole park erupted!

To be fair at this point we were all so happy with our experience we wanted to chill and make our way home.  Off the Maccies 1st where I was impressed with our quick we were served. The big London 2012 store was net where we all picked our survenors, me a mug, Scarlett a car and Marcus a keyring. Then off home we went.

It was the best experience ever and I have spent every night looking for more tickets!

At the time of publish the table looks like this:

Great interactive graphic

Everyone has called 2012 the digital games and the sponsorship games.

Below is some great articles:

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Tweets by day inforgraph:

Shows tweets by day during Olympics

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Olympic Media


Google Blog analysis of the social olympics


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