Digital Fundraising

Attended the @iof digital fundraising conference and was interesting to see what is happening in the digital world across small & large charities.

Notes from the sessions:

What’s is digital potential

  • Between 7 and 30%
  • £50b spent online 2011
  • 488m Facebook mobile users
  • Lower conversion and average value via mobile 360 view of donor

 Properly joined up strategy

  • Digital start in silos, ends up in tears for newest silo
  • How can digital help achieve fundraising objectives
  • Toolkit across organisation, each are has digital kpis and accountable, appeal or campaign success
  • Understanding how website is integral to the journey
  • Face to face integration text to give linked to mobile
  • Different messages for cold
  • Personalised messages through sign in
  • Microsite’s for campaigns integrated into main site through content
  • Working digital plan
  • Online PR, long tail of blogs
  • Kpis, multi touch attribution

 QR codes & social media

  • QR codes on cardboard boxes and graffiti where people sleep rough
  • Twitter feed @iamwithsimon
  • Prize for person who uploaded images of sites, part of campaign
  • QR code £1k
  • Graffiti, awareness and uplift for sponsored sleep campaign
  • Engagement with donors
  • Understanding the uplift campaigns have on each other

Give as you live

  • Digital giving survey
  • 51% charity audience is online
  • 30% online donations
  • Facebook is 55% of audience and 1% donations
  • Communicate daily or twice monthly
  • 64% email
  • 80% Facebook
  • 69% twitter
  • Internal resource barrier to adaptation
  • Digital donor review

Turning slacktvists to superheroes

  • Emotional engagement
  • Different home pages for different customers
  • Interactive insights
  • Data from all areas into CRM
  • Downstream donations
  • Collaborative way of working ripple effect
  • Project giving
  • Showing lifetime value of fundraisers
  • Value through their networks
  • League table of fundraisers
  • Social media payback model


  • In house affiliate programme
  • Performance marketing
  • High return low risk
  • Helping them to sell your messages to their audience
  • Merchant, network and affiliates
  • Types of affiliates vary, cash back & comparison
  • Can drive traffic to social media
  • Mobile & locational marketing
  • Awarding affiliates based on attribution modelling


  • Choose what & how
  • Local ask, crowd around your local cause or project
  • See the difference their money makes
  • Gives you transparency of where the £1 goes
  • Allows you to track how much projects cost
  • Tangible ask
  •  5 year ROI
  • If you build they won’t come
  • Releasing the power of the crowd
  • Recruit committed supporters, facilitate their comms, help get word out
  • 40k site and 20k promotion

Return on investment

  • Attribution
  • Channels run independently and last click model
  • Conversion paths, multi touch pints, multi device
  • Every point has value to the final conversion
  • Hard conversion vs soft conversion
  • How’s does marketing influence channels, each other & budget
  • Stage 1- gathering data
  • On your site, 3rd parties & social media
  • Tracking does not cross devices unless logged in – needed to collect full journey
  • URL shortening
  • Provide images with tracking or hosted on our domain
  • Tracking via flash using action scripts
  • Logged in sessions allow you to manage multiple sessions & behavioural
  • Facebook connect 77 pieces of data
  • Virtuous data cycle
  • Stage 2- analysing data
  • Understand channel and conversion interactions
  • Increase budget efficiency
  • Channel pairs
  • Last click
  • First click
  • Linear – equal weighting
  • Position – balance between first & last
  • Time decay – Age of click
  • Custom – all of above
  • 30 day window
  • Sensitivity analysis, how does a channel perform within different models
  • 4d is sensitivity over time
  • Not paralysis by analysis
  • Future, devices talk to each other, real time bidding, tv cookies, only WOM will be untrackable
  • Use smaller nuggets to make decisions too

Sample of tweets from the day:

Best quote from todays #iofdigitalconf vols who give 5+ hrs/wk, who find & recruit five other vols to do the same are just like major donors

Ooh need to check out the multi-channel reporting tool in Google Analytics. Looks helpful for attribution. Thx @natewood #iofdigitalconf

Cost of the @aslongasittakes website was same as 60% of our entire annual marketing budget 😦  #iofdigitalconf

Interesting-20% of guide dogs online sign ups are generated by affiliates #iofdigitalconf

Online audience accounts for 51% of total charity audience but online donations generate only 30% of total income #worktodo #iofdigitalconf

Enjoying the #iofdigitalconf, great talks already from Merlin and Simon on the Streets. Now time to hear about slacktivists…


Here’s the link to the @giveasyoulive launch Digital Donor Review  #iofdigitalconf


Despite audience being online 70% of donations are offline @giveasyoulive #iofdigitalconf

If taking up pro bono support make sure the agency *really* gets under the skin of your charity + their goals match yours #iofdigitalconf

Clive from Simon on the streets talking about an excellent use of QR codes in their FR #iofdigitalconf excellent idea!

Merlin test new content on their homepage every 2 weeks. East Africa appeal proving to be the right content for new visitors #iofdigitalconf

Align digital strategy with fundraising objectives, work with all elements of fundraising @realbrownhoward #iofdigitalconf

32% of people access Just Giving by mobile. But even when optimised conversions & value of donations are lower @jon_bedford #iofdigitalconf

488m people are accessing Facebook via their mobile phone.from @jon_bedford at #iofdigitalconf

Twitter names of key speakers:






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