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Christmas as a Mummy

As a kid I loved Christmas, as a mummy I am sooooo excited.

This weekend we talk our little one to see Santa, she was excited, mainly because Mummy was but then Santa’s elf lead us into Santa’s grotto and her smile and excitement disappeared. I was lucky she didn’t scream the place down whilst we tried to take the picture!

Scarlett visiting Santa at his Grotto

Scarlett not sure about Santa

We then spent Saturday morning putting up the tree – she loved the decorations but isn’t too bothered with the tree – I turned over the ends so she couldn’t pull them all of and she seems bored now…. I wonder if that will change!

Saturday evening I wrote all my Christmas Cards and Scarlett keen to get involved scribbled across all of them, some lucky recipients got a bit of biscuit too…… I was a but surprised when I dropped her off at Nursery on Monday to get a list of the kids in her room – I asked her do you know who ** & ** is and then I remembered she is 15 months! Is it too early for her to be sending her own Christmas Cards?

We have lots of Christmas activities planned, I am looking forward the most to our PJ/Xmas film watching with just Mummy, Little One & her Cousin (1 year older!)

I’m probably more excited than her about Christmas, I just cannot wait to see her face on Christmas morning when Santa has visited……… What are you looking forward to?


5 things people might not know about me

After reading a post by Dave Fleet – 11 things people dont know about me  I did wonder what dont people know about me. Do people know everything because of social media and my online presence?

Everyone knows I’m married – one of the 1st things I did was change my status & name on Facebook, everyone knows I have my daughter – her picture was posted to Facebook within hours of her birth. Everyone knows who I work for just by me checking in at work.  So what is left that people may or not know about me:

1. I am a neat freak – everyone who visited my house pre-baby thought I had series OCD!

2. Girl Racer – I loved my sports car & it did break my heart to exchange it for a family car!

3.  I love NKOTB and was happy to see them at their 1st reunion tour – hoping to get tickets for the 2nd tour alongside Backstreet Boys

4.  IPAD2 – I love my IPAD2 and wishes we could have one each as we have to share custody between my little girl and my husband & I – do other families have to do this?

5.  Xmas – I have always loved Christmas but found the excitement get less and less the older I am. This year by little girl will be 17 months so I am hoping she will start to get the excitement I had as a little girl.

What things do people not know about you?