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IAB engage

I am following the live stream from IAB Engage and following the tweets under #iabengage

Looks like another great conference and I am glad I am still able to benefit from some great presentations.

A summary from tweets – please see my twitter feed for reference of tweets:

£4.6 billion online spend – 27% share, in 2001 it was 1%!
Ola Ahlvarsson over 10% of the world population is on Facebook
48: UK leads the world with digital taking 27% of all ad spend
10% of online transactions in the UK are now via a mobile device
Dan Cobley – mobile internet connections will overtake desktops within the next few years
For the most effective sales funnel use Online Ads, followed by Social Media, then TV at the end of your campaign
£300 million of advertising online equates to 10million impressions a second
Display spend to overtake search spend by 2015
82% of 8-65 year olds play games on some kind of platform
Are clients still looking at bottom line profits as the key KPI? What about engaging users to brands. Innovation is the key
Advertising on infringing websites, with real time bidding in effect where’s the responsibility? Advertiser or ad exchange?
Uk Internet economy is likely to reach 20% of GDP by 2015
Simon Waldman spends half his time listening to consumers. The key to success in an era of constant change
It’s going to be a record year for online shopping this Christmas as people look for the best deals – Waldman
Cool webcam facial recognition software that measures happiness

Great summaries from the morning.

Also the best tweet I saw was promoting their presentation live already. Everything going digital

IAB also showcased Brand Building Trilogy

Anyone who reads my post regularly will know I am really interested in Klout, Peer Index etc and read another good article on Klout. Did any join their #kloutchat. I have looked at the responses:

+K affects your topics and Topic Pages, but not your overall Score

Klout states the Avg Score is around 20 and a Score of 50+ puts you in the 95th percentile

Your activity never affects your Score, but others engaging with you helps. If they are influential it helps more

Also anyone know about SocialBakers

My digital stat of the day:

Globally, people spend 1 out of every 4.5 minutes on a social networking site  Nielsen as cited by New York Times, June 2010