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Twitter – weekly update

My tweets from the last few weeks:

Plus and updte on Google +


Online Marketing Show

Hope to pick up some great tweets from the Online Marketing Show  #mwlive2012

Day one highlights

  • Use the data you already have to optimise response and improve ROI.” @MatFinchUK ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  RT @Buffalo7Studio: SEO words of wisdom from the Crowd Bait chief. Google+ is the future –
  •  Twitter and YouTube are totally different! Understand the most effective role of a channel and test different messaging. ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  @craftedmedia: Facebook is the only place in the world in which it’s ok to talk to a wall ‪#MWLive2012‬” totally love this tweet !
  •  @BrandcastMedia: The golden question: “how do we manage the effectiveness of online marketing?” ‪#MWLive2012‬” monitor and engage ‪#Kred‬
  •  Consolidate your data, map your customer journey, keep measurement simple, look for trends and set benchmarks. @MatFinchUK ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Social business is what we should be striving for – it goes way beyond implementing a social media strategy. ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Outstanding research is 2% of brand building, on which the other 98% hangs.’ Elephants Can’t Jump. ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  How do you turn your email recipients into brand advocates? Engage with them & give them a reason to share ‪#MWLive2012‬
  • Spray and pray vs targeted – a combination of both makes a good email strategy ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Personalisation in an email is a good way to engage recipients – make sure it is relevant ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Deliver valuable, relevant content and think of yourself as a publisher. Content is king ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Less than 15% of email is personal 1 to 1 communication ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  E-mail marketing 2.0; domain reputation, trust, segmentation, multi-device compatibility, user engagement ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Brits spent about an hour a month on ‪#Sports‬ sites ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Fan bases can be ever-changing so be prepared to realign your social strategy” – @kathrynhavelock ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Timing is a critical factor in identifying and fostering longer-­term buyers through marketing. Read More … ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Make it sticky: using data and insight to drive ROI in a multi-channel world – don’t miss our ‪#MWLive2012‬ seminar at 12h40
  •  ‪#mwlive2012‬ 1/3 all traffic to The Guardian from a mobile or tablet device, your business the same?
  •  In one second you can only process 16 pieces of information out of 11 million ‪#mwlive2012‬ in Insight
  •  High street MC sales up 10% YOY. Sales via mobile up 359% YOY. Click and collect 8.4% online sales in 2011. IMRG stats ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Syl Saller – “innovation is about being entrepreneurial, experimenting and having courage of your convictions” ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Johnnie Walker was in 120 countries before Coke even left US shores – bold innovation and a grand vision ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Nokia: Great ideas don’t come from stressed employees, so we made changes to encourage our people to have fun ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  RT @beckyreflect: 2.2 billion visits to search engines every single month in the uk – this is why SEO is so important!! ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Dont focus on process if you want to innovate ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Barclays: Nothing changes decision-makers’ minds more than watching/hearing words come directly from their consumers’ mouths ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Don’t make your users work hard to read on their iPhones!!” plan for your emails to fail on mobile and be prepped @skipfidura ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Original content is still the best way to build your brand – become a thought leader ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Sky believe its most important to: gather data > analyse data > customise outcomes ‪#mwlive2012‬ ‪#multichannelstrategy‬
  •  @Lexus speaker at ‪#MWLive2012‬ ‪#FAIL‬ – u need to get ppl’s attention within the first minute not 15!!
  •  Intention is dead, behaviour is king. Research methods for behavioural economics ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  RT @heidinoemm: How functional and social media integrated is your ‪#newsroom‬? ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  The web has replaced visits to dealerships. 94% of car buyers research online. So how did Lexus “create amazing” online? ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Did you know: 39% of respondents said they use social channels to find discount vouchers? ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  In 2006, for the World Cup, Coke created 6 pieces of content. In 2012, for the Olympics… 60. ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  @MarketingWeekEd: women spend 8 years of their life shopping, says coke’s zoe howarth, re diet coke n fashion ‪#mwlive2012‬” so true for me!
  •  Boots ‪#marketing‬ follows 3 stage strategy. 1 Insight. 2 Campaign design/deliver. 3. Systems and suppliers to support activity. ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Kiosk on mobile communities incentivise their community members to provide content, do you do too? ‪#MWlive2012

I also found the key influencers


Digital Empowerment Conference

Tweets from the conference – love that I can still get insight when I cannot be physically there:

#decon2012 Have an interesting story or you’ll be shouting into the wind, says David James.

Think of your value proposition in 8 words #decon2012

@myographer “Don’t try and convert haters. Just let them go.” #decon2012

Blog tips via @DaveChaffey yoast on WordPress #decon2012

2.7 billion ‘likes’ on facebook every day. #decon2012

107M monthly unique monthly visitors to LinkedIn. #decon2012

There r 465M twitter accounts 135M members of LinkedIn. Wow! I like a statistic. #decon2012

Google+ 67% users are male; top occupation of users: student; 5bn +1’s per day. #decon2012

And 12M on Pinterest. 97% of likes r by women #decon2012

@steve_revill Ive nt used #Pinterest heavily bt it’s gud 4 #SEO #backlinking. I dont knw hw long it will last so take advantage #decon2012

What do you want to achieve? It cant be to increase your Klout score @davechaffey #decon2012

Social listening services are like a press cuttings service…on steroids according to @mikeberrytweets #decon2012

Don’t try to be an expert at everything #decon2012

Bloggers- have a contract with yourself about the frequency of posts you will commit to. And stick to it. Via @DaveChaffey #decon2012

Your brand needs a personality. Personality is not just what you stand for but how you communicate it #decon2012

Totally agree! “@DaveChaffey #decon2012 personal branding on twitter is about long form content and a blog is essential” #social #ux #mobile

Content has to be relevant & interesting #decon2012 @annmariehanlon

@annmariehanlon #decon2012 meet more people on on-line network than at a networking event. Spend more time on Linked In network

Every business is a multi-channel publisher now #decon2012

Use LinkedIn Skills to see most influential commentators in an industry sector or specialism via @DaveChaffey #decon2012

@DaveChaffey: “Invest time in your blog. The more time you invest, the more you will stand out” #decon2012

@DaveChaffey #decon2012 when developing a #blog you need to create the OVP online value proposition; sell, inform, entertain balance

@DaveChaffey thinks Google+ is here to stay #decon2012

90% of career success comes from attitude and behaviour (30%) and visibility and exposure (60%) via @LesleyEverett #decon2012

Social listening should replace social media monitoring @mikeberrytweets at #decon2012

Do u know what yr OVP is? That’s Online Value Proposition dontcha know courtesy of @davechaffey #decon2012

Content marketing plan – does your business have one? There’s now a dedicated institute @DaveChaffey #decon2012

RT @MarthaToulouse: Don’t be too noisy on LinkedIn timeline. Put the invisibility ON if you are making small changes #decon2012 // Good tip

#decon2012 monitor & measure your social media. Must have a look at Google Reader. @annmariehanlon

Look at job descriptions you like/want, identify key words and ensure they’re in all your profiles, blogs @annmariehanlon at #decon2012

Every update (on social networks) is like toothpaste. Once it’s out the tube it can’t go back in. Love that. @annmariehanlon #decon2012

RT @DaveChaffey from @annemariehanlon: What do your online profiles tell employers about you? #decon2012 > #mywebcareer

#decon2012 Clued up companies are beginning to see the importance of personal branding for senior individuals, says Mike Berry.


Digital Confereneces – catch up via tweets

This week has been so manic at work and would have really loved to visit some great digital conferences – instead I read the twitter feeds – here are the highlights

Social Media Influence

Best article to date – ROI Skeptic

Brands using multiple social platforms have a 50% higher engagement rate on FB than those only using one #SMI12

Worth checking out Amex’s Foursquare promo for how social, location and mobile are coming together – #smi12

Marketing and customer service teams are going to have a love affair, or at least become best friends says @prelini #smi12

Super fans are key to success – generate 50% of community content and 85% of all useful content @prelini #SMI12

90% trust peer recommendations only 14% trust marketing recommendations #SMI12

GiffGaff respond to 90% of queries within 5 minutes and 75% within 1 minute by rewarding customers for helping them with responses.

More notes from one of the conferences attendees

Future of digital marketing

80% of brands do not yet have an optimised mobile site – @simonbigpicture at #FODM

35% of ASOS’ content is customer service related – they’ve seen significant increase in Google rankings/traffic #FODM

Here’s the brilliant Mobile-Friendly Email case study with “53% CTR increase”: #fodm

“Don’t be ‘present’, be meaningful” Content needs to provide added value. McLaren’s James Keady on content marketing and creation #FODM

Why do people disengage with Facebook? 42% feel bombarded, 36% find it irrelevant. Content is key. #FODM

#FODM Consumers who interact with the same member of staff 3 times are 10x more likely to buy.

Tweets from speakers

Figaro Digital Social Media Marketing

Provide a reason for ppl to engage, focus on individuals not groups, value for money & incentive sharing says @LivingSocial

It’s not all about #facebook says @vendaUK. @Pinterest = 240% year-on-year growth #figaroseminar

61% of customers are more likely to buy if they see a positive review (especially if via a friend) @vendaUK #figaroseminar

13% of global population on #facebook #socialmedia #figaroseminar

Use social credentials and data to facilitate online shopping eg single sign-on @Figaro_Digital #figaroseminarSocial Commerce is not just about discounts. Create involvement and treat social shoppers as VIP focus group @Figaro_Digital

Social CRM data enhances the customer service experience for shopper @Figaro_Digital #figaroseminar

Optimise onsite sharing and quality of those shares using OpenGraph markups to augment product data @Figaro_Digital #figaroseminar

Start with understanding how social traffic interacts with your online store @Figaro_Digital #figaroseminar

Social commerce is not the same as Ecommerce it needs different approach @Figaro_Digital #figaroseminar

67% of users expect to be exposed to exclusive offers as a result of becoming a fan on Facebook. #figaroseminar

13% of the Global population is on Facebook. #Wow #figaroseminar

84% of users on facebook are active daily #figaroseminar

58% of facebook users have liked a brand #figaroseminar

#figaroseminar @wildfireapp active users 901m on Facebook, 490m on Youtube

I also following a presentation that was via Twitter @YardSocial
For more information you can view the videos from their seminar.
Also found a great update for BlogWorld

Follow up on previous posts

Couple of follow-up on previous posts:



Debate about Klout still goes on, the most recent article talks about the point of Klout, the comments give a balanced view.

I havent worked out my anti-klout yet – will you?

How Klout is feeding a social illness


I have started using Tumblr and loved this breakdown of 12 Tumblrs for 90’2 kids!

Update – 26 June – What would live be like without Mark Z




Update – 28 June

10 Things you didnt know about Klout

Klout for I-Phone

Facebook & Conferences

Facebook shares go on the market today

For weeks there has been news about the Facebook IPO (initial public offering) and today investors can start buying stock. Reading many articles I have summarised some of the interesting stats:

  • Expected to sale at $38 a share – raising $16 billion
  • This would be the largest tech IPO in history
  • It would make Facebook worth more than Disney!
  • Facebook will retain 57% of the company

What does this mean for Facebook – the money will allow them to make more strategic acquisitions but will also mean they will need to extend how they make revenue. Stats about their current revenue are:

  • Made $5 billion last year
  • 85% from advertising
  • $2.4 from mobile advertising

Two ways to add revenue are gaming, which is popular via Facebook but not a huge revenue generator and the selling of data – not something anyone is keen on.

If you want to read more, the USA today article is great.

Guardian covered the key players.

I also found a great infograph on everything you need to know:

Infograph showing key stats about Facebook IPO

Everything You Need to know about Facebook IPO

Missed a couple of great conference whilst I was away. Luckily found some great summaries:

Making Mobile Marketing Work

Internet World 2012

Really interested to see that another US bill is being looked at – CISPA

Infograph explaining what is CISPA


Recently read some great articles following on from topics I have talked about:

Finally rather than a stat to sign off I have found some great Facebook stats

UPDATE – Since the shares went on sale, many things have happened:

What happens next? I will update this post when I know!

Social media intresting facts

Reading an interview by NMA with Twitter UK boss Tony Wang, I was interested that he believed Twitter content had to be immediately incredibly interesting or valuable where as on Facebook people can interact & dwell on your brand.  Are these two still the most important social networks for brands? What about new things, Pinterest, Tumblr, 4Square, with all these new ones no wonder there is questions about fatigue & spreading yourself too thin.

I was interested to read articles about employees asking for your Facebook password – is this really happening in the USA? It makes me worry that employers that are asking for this really dont understand social media.

Did you know that more men check in on Foursquare and women spend more time on facebook. I think the competitiveness of Foursquare appeals to men and the social aspect of Facebook to women. Read more here. One man didnt really understand facebook or the tool “people you may know” after it caught him out as a bigamist!

I have recently joined storify – not used it yet! I will be getting fatigue as noticed more & more people using Tumblr which I will be looking into! And with Facebook buying Instagram, do I need to start using that on the Android phone??



2012 New Year

2012 seems like a weird year – digital has taken off and I’m sure will grow more & more this year.

So far I have picked up all kinds of digital predictions for 2012 which I thought I would share;

Social Media

Great presentation summarising the social media trends for 2012.

Google+ may reach 400 million users by end of 2012

30 Social Media Predictions for 2012


Search & Mobile Marketing Trends: SEO Apocalypse 2012

Biggest Search Events of 2011 & Predictions for 2012


What will mobile marketing look like in 2012?


5 email marketing insights for 2012

I am a big fan of Mashable and really like there 6 Crazy Tech Predictions for 2012

Also some key stats from the end of 2011:

Over a third of people watch TV via IP-connected devices

Online Video Trends in 2011: From YouTube Mobile to Major Redesign

Picked up a great infograph on what happens in the internet over 60 seconds:

Infograph showing Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet

Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet



Not sure I’ve actually made New Years Resolutions rather things that will happen this year – in order:

1. New house

2. Holiday

3. Olympics

What about you? What are your new years resolutions?


Ecommerce Expo

This Wednesday I visited the Ecommerce Expo at Earls Court. Although I missed the Google Keynote I was looking forward to Facebook, Ebay, Paypal and many more.

Here is my keynotes and keynotes from my colleague @KirstenGreaves – I was also tweeting throughout the day  – @emalthompson

Email, social & art of storytelling

 –          Regular posting of fans + product – i.e send in your stories

–          Users telling their stories rather than brand – videos of your USP

–          Good example –

–          Learn to speak by listening

–          Story of the month – example Filofax

–          Unusual photo competition – example Dunkin Doughnuts

–          Tribe identity – G+ is the camp fire

I have a book from the speaker @JohnSadowsky (I queued for it!) if anyone wants a look


eBay seminar – Phoung Nguyen – Head of Advertising (, 07825384885)

From the Hight-Street to the i-Street (released on in the coming weeks)

  • 90% of people surveyed shop online more or the same amount as they did last year. And this is still growing.
  • Tesco and John Lewis are 2 of the best examples of companies who have embraced online shopping.
  • The fashion and Grocery sectors are the two fastest growing .
  • The continued growth in the fashion sector has been helped by many offering free returns.
  • 35% of consumers are browsing online with a smartphone, but only 9% buy with a smartphone.
  • Around 60% are browsing & buying on laptops
  • Tablet rate sare much lower (not as common) but the buy and browse rate is very similar.
  • Reasons people shop online – Convenience, value and choice (some things never change)
  • Consumers notice adverts on shopping sites more than any other. Consumers are easily influenced by adverts on these site as they are already looking to spend money.
  • Over 80% were positive-netural to targeted advertising.
  • Like online shopping as they are shopping on their own terms – when, how and where they like.
  • Same day delivery is set to become more popular.
  • Amazon is currently trailing collection points in London.
  • Experience centres are becoming more popular e.g. Nike and Apple – Apple offer free training courses and show live bands.
  • Mobile phones will become ‘the complete store in your pocket’ – 10% of eBay sales are made from a mobile phone (1 every second).
  • Multichannel – ebay retail sites with House of fraser, BMW etc
  • Dynamic advertising formats – engagement experiences becoming more essential e.g.

Lynx –

Olympus –


Conversocial: Joshua March (@Joshuamarch)  – key points

Bad social media campaigns;

Nestle Killer campaign from Greenpeace – Nestle ignored and deleted all comments made to them about this on their social media platforms.

Urban outfitters: Stolen jewellery designs from independent businesses, again ignored all comments and remarks on social media platforms.

  •  Asking people to email or call a separate number is not the best practise and can make people angrier, usually if someone has come to your social media platform to complain is because they have already tried the ‘official’ outlets to make a complaint and are not getting the answers they desire.
  • Best example of social media customer service – ASOS, their average response time is under 1 hour!
  • Worst example – Amazon, tend not to respond to any complaints, yet are seen to add updates!
  • Average response time across social media is 48 hours – this should be less and most companies do this on a very ad-hoc basis and therefore some complaints get missed. Ideal is in a number of hours.
  • Topshop have created a separate Facebook page ‘Helpers at Topshop’ who monitor the main Topshop page and ask people to contact them via this page if they make a complaint of the main page.
  • Marketing and customer services should be involved and integrated in compiling the customer service guidelines for social media.
  • At present the amount of time needed for customer services is very low, however as times change and if the trend continues eventually this could be equal to telephone customer service.
  • Social media etiquette – some customer service individuals responsible for posting g on these sites may not be users themselves, need educating in the social media norms e.g. shortening works, @twitter, # etc.
  • Best practise is to add is some personality to the responses, companies should encourage this, it feels more human.
  • Need to establish a structure as to how social media should be managed, e.g. average response times, when to check and respond etc.
  • Insights to social media should be fed back to marketing and customer service – decide what should be sent and how often.
  • Sediment measures – not always reliable, best way would be to develop own guidelines and measure this daily in-house.

If you look at my Tweets from the day you can see I have many issues with the way it was organised, I am still waiting for the @EcommerceExpo press office to get back to me!

The new rules of marketing and PR

Thought I would share some key takeaways from “The new rules of marketing & PR” book that I have just finished:

  1. If you are enticing people from social media to your website & capture their email address you will need to ensure you offer them content before sales/ask messages
  2. Events drive Facebook fans!
  3. Use Twitter search & then pull the results into a RSS feed
  4. Your best supporters participate in online forums so should you
  5. Blog development – Monitor what is being said/Participate in conversations on existing blogs/Cultivate relationships with bloggers/Shape conversation by creating content
  6. If commenting on a blog leave your digital signature – facebook/twitter/linked in/website
  7. Forms of leadership content – that most have yet to develop – White paper/Ebooks/Webinars
  8. Social Media Governance policy to include employee blogging guidelines
  9. Preparing to start a blog – a few key things:
Front cover of New Rules & Marketing PR Book

New Rules of Marketing & PR

a. Think about the name – should it have a separate name to your website URL – how will the name look in a URL

b. Best software to use

c. Measurement – readers, comments, share, trackbacks

d. Sharing – social media/rss/email

e. SEO – categories of posts, keyword tagging

f. About page

g. Content – include links to other content – have guest bloggers

Overall I found the book really useful.

Next week I am starting on Get Content, Get Customers.