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Digital Marketing Mummy

What a great week. My little girl finally walked. She took her few 1st steps last week and then on Sunday whilst out celebrating her cousins birthday she took 12 steps on her own. That started her getting on her feet & walking around the lounge between me & the husband. I am a very proud Mummy & cannot wait for the weekend & some quality Mummy & Munchkin time.

This last week has been a very very busy week in the world of digital, all of the following things are what caught my attention:

Facebook Timeline – I keep seeing designs and is patiently waiting to see when it will happen. Looking at what we can do for the work page as well as my own page. Also really interested to see what will happen with the Facebook insights.  Great story on Mashable about 10 designs they have selected –

Iphone 4s vs Iphone 4 comparison


Obviously the announcement on the new iPhone 4S – not sure if I was disappointed about no iPhone 5 – most iPhone users are gearing up to upgrade their iPhone on Friday so hopefully I will get to see the difference. The  infograph does a good comparison. Looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks.

Google management time spent on Google +

If they dont spend time on Google + should you?

Each day I struggle more & more with Google+, when I first joined I found the information really useful. Since it happened up I see more & more spam or just images. Then I saw the following chart and thought to myself – if they dont use it then I’m not going to worry about using it!

As part of our digital strategy we have applied for a YouTube charity account & we are revamping the channel, our videos, how we use them and loads more. This is something I am more & more excited about as I see video as the future.  I took time to quickly re-read YouTube and Video Marketing An Hour A Day  by Greg Jarboe which is a great place to start. It gives a great insight into where you can start with YouTube but also the in’s & outs of the advertising model.  I also looked at 20 Most-Shared Ads This Month  – [VIDEOS]

Finally, LinkedIn – as of Thursday this week is allowing business to post status updates. I started thinking how this would work? What could we post? What would people want to know? I think it will be a slow burner – I am now following more & more companies to see if they post & what. I think all these developments are interesting & makes LinkedIn more of a contender in the social media network space. To read more about the plans, here is a great article.


Another weekend over

Every Sunday night I am amazed how quickly the weekend has gone.

Scarlett had a pirate birthday party – I’m sure she was the youngest there but she enjoyed herself. Something to do with the party food & the limitless toys to play with.

Finally sorted out her birthday presents & clothes, she was spoilt!

A relaxing Sunday afternoon at Nannys including dinner was a nice end!

Busy week at work again but Scarlett has a jam packed week: shopping with her Godmother, family day with he Auntie & swimming with Dada.