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Digital Empowerment Conference

Tweets from the conference – love that I can still get insight when I cannot be physically there:

#decon2012 Have an interesting story or you’ll be shouting into the wind, says David James.

Think of your value proposition in 8 words #decon2012

@myographer “Don’t try and convert haters. Just let them go.” #decon2012

Blog tips via @DaveChaffey yoast on WordPress #decon2012

2.7 billion ‘likes’ on facebook every day. #decon2012

107M monthly unique monthly visitors to LinkedIn. #decon2012

There r 465M twitter accounts 135M members of LinkedIn. Wow! I like a statistic. #decon2012

Google+ 67% users are male; top occupation of users: student; 5bn +1’s per day. #decon2012

And 12M on Pinterest. 97% of likes r by women #decon2012

@steve_revill Ive nt used #Pinterest heavily bt it’s gud 4 #SEO #backlinking. I dont knw hw long it will last so take advantage #decon2012

What do you want to achieve? It cant be to increase your Klout score @davechaffey #decon2012

Social listening services are like a press cuttings service…on steroids according to @mikeberrytweets #decon2012

Don’t try to be an expert at everything #decon2012

Bloggers- have a contract with yourself about the frequency of posts you will commit to. And stick to it. Via @DaveChaffey #decon2012

Your brand needs a personality. Personality is not just what you stand for but how you communicate it #decon2012

Totally agree! “@DaveChaffey #decon2012 personal branding on twitter is about long form content and a blog is essential” #social #ux #mobile

Content has to be relevant & interesting #decon2012 @annmariehanlon

@annmariehanlon #decon2012 meet more people on on-line network than at a networking event. Spend more time on Linked In network

Every business is a multi-channel publisher now #decon2012

Use LinkedIn Skills to see most influential commentators in an industry sector or specialism via @DaveChaffey #decon2012

@DaveChaffey: “Invest time in your blog. The more time you invest, the more you will stand out” #decon2012

@DaveChaffey #decon2012 when developing a #blog you need to create the OVP online value proposition; sell, inform, entertain balance

@DaveChaffey thinks Google+ is here to stay #decon2012

90% of career success comes from attitude and behaviour (30%) and visibility and exposure (60%) via @LesleyEverett #decon2012

Social listening should replace social media monitoring @mikeberrytweets at #decon2012

Do u know what yr OVP is? That’s Online Value Proposition dontcha know courtesy of @davechaffey #decon2012

Content marketing plan – does your business have one? There’s now a dedicated institute @DaveChaffey #decon2012

RT @MarthaToulouse: Don’t be too noisy on LinkedIn timeline. Put the invisibility ON if you are making small changes #decon2012 // Good tip

#decon2012 monitor & measure your social media. Must have a look at Google Reader. @annmariehanlon

Look at job descriptions you like/want, identify key words and ensure they’re in all your profiles, blogs @annmariehanlon at #decon2012

Every update (on social networks) is like toothpaste. Once it’s out the tube it can’t go back in. Love that. @annmariehanlon #decon2012

RT @DaveChaffey from @annemariehanlon: What do your online profiles tell employers about you? #decon2012 > #mywebcareer

#decon2012 Clued up companies are beginning to see the importance of personal branding for senior individuals, says Mike Berry.



The IPAD and all things new

I am still loving my new Ipad, I use it more and more (and so does Scarlett).

Many people seem to not like the new IPAD:

Chart showing why people dislike the new IPAD

Why do you hate the new IPAD?

I love the cloud as it means that I can transfer stuff from the IPAD 2 (now the husbands) to mine & vice versa. Also nothing is ever lost – found a great story about a lady who used the Cloud to find her stolen I-phone.

I am not the only one  obsessed,  looks like top CEO’s are obsessed too!

I recently signed up for Wavvi – follow any topics to get status updates about it in your feed – they reckon it will replace the Facebook feed!

Loving the following new technology:

Anyone who has done a business or marketing degree will have heard about Maslows Herierchy of Needs – I like how social media has prompted one author to look at rewiring Maslow

Also, last week YouTube turned 7.  Happy Birthday YouTube



Digital Engage Conference

I was looking forward to the digital engagement conference, there was some great content and new insight. I was tweeting all day and updated this blog with the key highlights. #LCDconf

Unlocking power of social media – Action on Hearing Loss Are people ready to hear the message?

  • Segment your audience
  •  Great opps – ability to respond to external environment, evolving, ability to target
  • How to migrate from one Facebook page to another -activity
  • Build up relevant and interesting content
  • Curate content of interest from blogs
  • Engage with detractors but only correct inaccurate facts
  • Use of Storify create stories of conversation put on website
  • Content strategy include user generated content i.e. social media supporters and service users
  • Service user Facebook pages engage with other service users
  • Survey in why interested and what else would like to see

Social Media ROI Big Lottery

  • Use your plan to look at where/what we should be listening too
  • What does success look like
  • Return on engagement – reputation building, better customer satisfaction & brand awareness
  • Help people tell their own stories – video is a great channel

 Online advocacy Action Aid

  • Interactive map of research, engaging and shareable
  • Invest in content
  • Plan responses to campaigns allow time to react
  • Making content work for different platforms, google docs
  • Facebook petitions
  • Split testing content
  • Strong email and action sequence
  • Measuring impacts by measuring change of conversation tone

Optimising your website HSE

  1. Make things easy to find
  2. SEO keyword objectives and strategy
  3. News blog in wordpress feed RSS and website
  4. Keep it tidy
  5. Redirects or customer friendly error pages
  6. 2. Accessible
  7. Site morse to review website
  8. Developer guidelines
  9. 3. Easy to use
  10. Page objectives
  11. Formats other than text
  12.  Keep in touch
  13. Measure and improve

Day in Life of a Journalists

  • Use twitter to contact journo as starting point and way to sharpen pitch
  • Balance between personal and professional
  • Local radio and press use twitter highly to break stories
  • Check what people say on twitter etc before hiring, each employee should be google searched
  • Allow freedom plus guidelines if you allow them to be a pr spokesperson you should allow them social media freedom
  • Content and relationship is king
  • Staking online claim to stories even if you don’t have a mention, build keyword ownership too.
  • Have content ready for your “oh shit” moments
  • Use twitter and live blogs together
  • Hash tags are the best ways to reach out in social media campaigns

Power of the smartphone Breakthrough Breast Cancer

  • 60% mobile phones used for Internet surfing
  • 50% UK smart phone
  • 13% of all web pages are accessed from mobile
  • Reasons for struggle and success, mobile users low attention spam
  • Dialogue, mobile web or on device apps
  • Engagement, data and money
  • How we do we operationalise digital?
  • Buy in from senior management
  • Social media guidelines are common sense not an environment of fear

Bigger Budget Campaigns Amnesty International

  • Societal, technology used to help or solve social problems i.e app development
  • Social change encourages an engaged consumer S
  • ociety campaigning, part of a cause
  • Failure is a necessity fail early, fail fast, fail often for innovation

Digital Presence

  • Diversify across right channels, focus on results and understand user behaviour
  • Consider sustainability, once built how will you maintain
  • Sliding scale of quality matched back to user
  • Up skill all workers on elements on digital


Thanks to twitter I get to keep up to date with conferences even when I cannot attend, the recent Social Media Marketing Conference is an example. I was unable to attend but was able to track the conference via Twitter, here is a saved search showing a selection of Tweets from the day.

Also, last nights #socialskills from the @theidm

So Facebook has brought Instagram, as a android phone user I hadn’t experienced Instagram but with a new app on the store and a Facebook purchase I wanted to see what it was all about. Ive installed it on the IPad and will try to link my phone.

Links to some great articles about the purchase:

The numbers

To challenge Apple?

Instagram – the timeline

Wrap Up

I have also joined Tumblr and will see whether this is much different to wordpress as a blogging tool.

Last Wednesday afternoon I started noticing updates on G+ about a new design,  I opened my profile page and there it was!. The new G+ profile page, bit like Facebook timeline + white space.  I was interested to see what else they had changed and what that would mean. Below is a list of the changes and some key articles about the changes:

  • Header Image and Profile Photo Changes
  • Customize Your Navigation for Business Communication
  • Page Promotion on the Right-Hand Sidebar
  • Trending Topics and Explore Section
  • New Hangouts Page
  • Enhanced Photo Albums and Videos
  • Easily See Who’s Engaging With Your Page
  • Easily Switch Between Page Admin and Personal Account

Google Blog announcmenet

Major design overhull

Love or Hate?

The numbers

I read a really good book -What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us by Guy Kawasaki – wondering whether he will amend his book with the new changes?

I’m loving the Ipad at the moment & using it more and more. A certain drawing app may have something to do with it.

Draw something stats

Showing the popularity of draw something


Recently read a great article on innovators and how we are all innovators just what type I am. I think I am an experimentalist!

Had a great Easter, the kids enjoyed their Easter hunt, just wish I had taken some photos!

Ipads, Pinterest & MI Expo

Busy travelling this week and still deciding whether to get the new Ipad – not long now to the release.

I recently found a great infograph on who will but the Ipad 3

image showing types of people who will buy the Ipad 3

Who will but the new Ipad?


It will be interesting to watch Twitter on Thursday to see people’s reactions to their new Ipads.  Last weeks there is over 16k tweets on the launch day.

Missed a great expo last week, was glad of Twitter, again for being able to keep up.  I also found a great summary of a panel discussion.

Recently I have signed up for Pinterest, I haven’t used it yet & I am not sure I will or whether it is right for work either? Is it a fad or not? Here are some great uses  & articles about Pinterest:

British Airline use

Smart Insights have looked at 12 great ideas to use Pinterest for marketing.

Here is some stats about Pintrest:

The average user spends 16 minutes a day on Pinterest
Half of the users have children
68% of Pinterest users are women
Pinterest gets 1.36 million visits per day
Half the users are between the ages of 25-44

Obviously there are issues around who owns the image? 

What I learnt today:

11.5% of all UK shoppers use mobiles to research before they shop



I havent written a post in so long – life has taken over but that is really no excuse. I have vowed to do three next week! My main dilemma is whether to get the New Ipad!

I watched the event on the NYTimes website & when the streaming failed I kept up with through their blog & Tweets! I wasnt sue whether I was still excited at the end?

What is appealing to me is the high-definition screen, faster processor and an improved camera – but is that enough?

4G doesn’t work in the Uk so that is no good, the great new improved apps are not free on the New Ipad so that’s not that great either!

Will I be disappointed with voice dictation when it is not Suri!

My big brother says get an  MacBook Air!


SOPA & more

Last Wednesday was a key time for digital. Many digital giants showed their concern over downloading. I think it is the 1st time the big sites have all got together with the same purpose.
Altough this is a US bill I think we should all be aware of it.

I have listed a couple of good articles:

What you need to know about SOPA

SOPA and PIPA – for or against?

Why SOPA and PIPA Won’t Stop Real Piracy

Google says 4.5 million people signed anti-SOPA petition today

The Week That Killed SOPA: A Timeline

I’m not sure what will happen but seeing tweets & status updates from Marc Zuckerberg proves how serious it is!

Update from US – SOPA, PIPA Votes Indefinitely Delayed

I was really interested to see posts about IPAD3 coming our February 24th – Steve Jobs birthday – wonder whether these are rumours or will it be the IPAD2.s

The Iphone 5 is due out March too. I currently share custody of our IPAD with my husband and 16 month year old so I may invest in the IPAD3

5 things people might not know about me

After reading a post by Dave Fleet – 11 things people dont know about me  I did wonder what dont people know about me. Do people know everything because of social media and my online presence?

Everyone knows I’m married – one of the 1st things I did was change my status & name on Facebook, everyone knows I have my daughter – her picture was posted to Facebook within hours of her birth. Everyone knows who I work for just by me checking in at work.  So what is left that people may or not know about me:

1. I am a neat freak – everyone who visited my house pre-baby thought I had series OCD!

2. Girl Racer – I loved my sports car & it did break my heart to exchange it for a family car!

3.  I love NKOTB and was happy to see them at their 1st reunion tour – hoping to get tickets for the 2nd tour alongside Backstreet Boys

4.  IPAD2 – I love my IPAD2 and wishes we could have one each as we have to share custody between my little girl and my husband & I – do other families have to do this?

5.  Xmas – I have always loved Christmas but found the excitement get less and less the older I am. This year by little girl will be 17 months so I am hoping she will start to get the excitement I had as a little girl.

What things do people not know about you?