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SOPA & more

Last Wednesday was a key time for digital. Many digital giants showed their concern over downloading. I think it is the 1st time the big sites have all got together with the same purpose.
Altough this is a US bill I think we should all be aware of it.

I have listed a couple of good articles:

What you need to know about SOPA

SOPA and PIPA – for or against?

Why SOPA and PIPA Won’t Stop Real Piracy

Google says 4.5 million people signed anti-SOPA petition today

The Week That Killed SOPA: A Timeline

I’m not sure what will happen but seeing tweets & status updates from Marc Zuckerberg proves how serious it is!

Update from US – SOPA, PIPA Votes Indefinitely Delayed

I was really interested to see posts about IPAD3 coming our February 24th – Steve Jobs birthday – wonder whether these are rumours or will it be the IPAD2.s

The Iphone 5 is due out March too. I currently share custody of our IPAD with my husband and 16 month year old so I may invest in the IPAD3