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Facebook shares go on the market today

For weeks there has been news about the Facebook IPO (initial public offering) and today investors can start buying stock. Reading many articles I have summarised some of the interesting stats:

  • Expected to sale at $38 a share – raising $16 billion
  • This would be the largest tech IPO in history
  • It would make Facebook worth more than Disney!
  • Facebook will retain 57% of the company

What does this mean for Facebook – the money will allow them to make more strategic acquisitions but will also mean they will need to extend how they make revenue. Stats about their current revenue are:

  • Made $5 billion last year
  • 85% from advertising
  • $2.4 from mobile advertising

Two ways to add revenue are gaming, which is popular via Facebook but not a huge revenue generator and the selling of data – not something anyone is keen on.

If you want to read more, the USA today article is great.

Guardian covered the key players.

I also found a great infograph on everything you need to know:

Infograph showing key stats about Facebook IPO

Everything You Need to know about Facebook IPO

Missed a couple of great conference whilst I was away. Luckily found some great summaries:

Making Mobile Marketing Work

Internet World 2012

Really interested to see that another US bill is being looked at – CISPA

Infograph explaining what is CISPA


Recently read some great articles following on from topics I have talked about:

Finally rather than a stat to sign off I have found some great Facebook stats

UPDATE – Since the shares went on sale, many things have happened:

What happens next? I will update this post when I know!



It’s been several weeks since the KONY 2012 video became the biggest viral campaign, with over 100 million views.

I watched it and was moved by the story but wondered whether awareness is enough? What about the onward journey? How does this video help Invisible Children continue its work?

What did it do well

– they told a story and millions of people were then connected by retelling that story

– they raised brand awareness, how many people knew about Invisible Children?

– the use of social media to promote this campaign

What it did not so well

the cost of producing such a slick video is supposed to be $700k

– and when they received criticism they did not use social media to reply to these issues

In the week following the success of the video Invisible Children received great criticism, much has been made that only 32% of $8.6m riased last year went to Uganda, that the film was made in 2003 and then the film maker was arrested.  Different stories about how much they raised, less than a dime per view or $15m from the packs.  Such criticism was received that a Google Search for Invisible Children result 1 was a dedicated blog for the Kony criticism rather than their main website or even the Kony microsite.

No-one can deny that this video raised awareness but awareness of KONY or awareness of the charities spending!