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Ipads, Pinterest & MI Expo

Busy travelling this week and still deciding whether to get the new Ipad – not long now to the release.

I recently found a great infograph on who will but the Ipad 3

image showing types of people who will buy the Ipad 3

Who will but the new Ipad?


It will be interesting to watch Twitter on Thursday to see people’s reactions to their new Ipads.  Last weeks there is over 16k tweets on the launch day.

Missed a great expo last week, was glad of Twitter, again for being able to keep up.  I also found a great summary of a panel discussion.

Recently I have signed up for Pinterest, I haven’t used it yet & I am not sure I will or whether it is right for work either? Is it a fad or not? Here are some great uses  & articles about Pinterest:

British Airline use

Smart Insights have looked at 12 great ideas to use Pinterest for marketing.

Here is some stats about Pintrest:

The average user spends 16 minutes a day on Pinterest
Half of the users have children
68% of Pinterest users are women
Pinterest gets 1.36 million visits per day
Half the users are between the ages of 25-44

Obviously there are issues around who owns the image? 

What I learnt today:

11.5% of all UK shoppers use mobiles to research before they shop