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Twitter – weekly update

My tweets from the last few weeks:

Plus and updte on Google +


Online Marketing Show

Hope to pick up some great tweets from the Online Marketing Show  #mwlive2012

Day one highlights

  • Use the data you already have to optimise response and improve ROI.” @MatFinchUK ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  RT @Buffalo7Studio: SEO words of wisdom from the Crowd Bait chief. Google+ is the future –
  •  Twitter and YouTube are totally different! Understand the most effective role of a channel and test different messaging. ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  @craftedmedia: Facebook is the only place in the world in which it’s ok to talk to a wall ‪#MWLive2012‬” totally love this tweet !
  •  @BrandcastMedia: The golden question: “how do we manage the effectiveness of online marketing?” ‪#MWLive2012‬” monitor and engage ‪#Kred‬
  •  Consolidate your data, map your customer journey, keep measurement simple, look for trends and set benchmarks. @MatFinchUK ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Social business is what we should be striving for – it goes way beyond implementing a social media strategy. ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Outstanding research is 2% of brand building, on which the other 98% hangs.’ Elephants Can’t Jump. ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  How do you turn your email recipients into brand advocates? Engage with them & give them a reason to share ‪#MWLive2012‬
  • Spray and pray vs targeted – a combination of both makes a good email strategy ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Personalisation in an email is a good way to engage recipients – make sure it is relevant ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Deliver valuable, relevant content and think of yourself as a publisher. Content is king ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Less than 15% of email is personal 1 to 1 communication ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  E-mail marketing 2.0; domain reputation, trust, segmentation, multi-device compatibility, user engagement ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Brits spent about an hour a month on ‪#Sports‬ sites ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Fan bases can be ever-changing so be prepared to realign your social strategy” – @kathrynhavelock ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Timing is a critical factor in identifying and fostering longer-­term buyers through marketing. Read More … ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Make it sticky: using data and insight to drive ROI in a multi-channel world – don’t miss our ‪#MWLive2012‬ seminar at 12h40
  •  ‪#mwlive2012‬ 1/3 all traffic to The Guardian from a mobile or tablet device, your business the same?
  •  In one second you can only process 16 pieces of information out of 11 million ‪#mwlive2012‬ in Insight
  •  High street MC sales up 10% YOY. Sales via mobile up 359% YOY. Click and collect 8.4% online sales in 2011. IMRG stats ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Syl Saller – “innovation is about being entrepreneurial, experimenting and having courage of your convictions” ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Johnnie Walker was in 120 countries before Coke even left US shores – bold innovation and a grand vision ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Nokia: Great ideas don’t come from stressed employees, so we made changes to encourage our people to have fun ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  RT @beckyreflect: 2.2 billion visits to search engines every single month in the uk – this is why SEO is so important!! ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Dont focus on process if you want to innovate ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Barclays: Nothing changes decision-makers’ minds more than watching/hearing words come directly from their consumers’ mouths ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Don’t make your users work hard to read on their iPhones!!” plan for your emails to fail on mobile and be prepped @skipfidura ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  Original content is still the best way to build your brand – become a thought leader ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Sky believe its most important to: gather data > analyse data > customise outcomes ‪#mwlive2012‬ ‪#multichannelstrategy‬
  •  @Lexus speaker at ‪#MWLive2012‬ ‪#FAIL‬ – u need to get ppl’s attention within the first minute not 15!!
  •  Intention is dead, behaviour is king. Research methods for behavioural economics ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  RT @heidinoemm: How functional and social media integrated is your ‪#newsroom‬? ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  The web has replaced visits to dealerships. 94% of car buyers research online. So how did Lexus “create amazing” online? ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Did you know: 39% of respondents said they use social channels to find discount vouchers? ‪#MWLive2012‬
  •  In 2006, for the World Cup, Coke created 6 pieces of content. In 2012, for the Olympics… 60. ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  @MarketingWeekEd: women spend 8 years of their life shopping, says coke’s zoe howarth, re diet coke n fashion ‪#mwlive2012‬” so true for me!
  •  Boots ‪#marketing‬ follows 3 stage strategy. 1 Insight. 2 Campaign design/deliver. 3. Systems and suppliers to support activity. ‪#mwlive2012‬
  •  Kiosk on mobile communities incentivise their community members to provide content, do you do too? ‪#MWlive2012

I also found the key influencers


Book review – Go Mobile

Go Mobile: Location-Based Marketing, Apps, Mobile Optimized Ad Campaigns, 2D Codes and Other Mobile Strategies to Grow Your Business – by Jeanne Hopkins, Jamie Turner

Mobile Website

  • Smaller pages
  • Less content
  • Simpler layouts
  • Compatibility across multiple platforms
  • Redirect from current site that identifies mobile browser and redirects to mobile site – prompted vs. automatic


 Mobile Marketing


Cost effective

Call to Action

– Text to call

– Text to request brochure

– Text to enter/vote

– Text to email

– Text to download

– Text to discount code

– Text to donate

Paid Search

Separate Google search campaigns

Mobile directory services



Mobile optimized search engines

Mobile Q&A



Google can now place display adverts via their mobile ad network

Call to action

– Drivers users to a location (maps)

– Viral coupon promotion (download)

– Add event to calendar

– Sign up for email promotion

– Add users photos into an advert


Location Based Campaigns

For example 4square – where people check in to places/events

Near field communications & Bluetooth


Mobile Apps

Offering added value to the consumer. Most are now categorised as follows:

– News & information

– Social

– Games

– Shopping

– Branded

– Productivity

– Financial

– Educational

Appvertising – offering space in your app for advertising


QR Codes/2D Codes

Code that can be scanned by phones & direct users to a webpage – useful at events/posters


Mobile Video

As more video is digested via mobile we will need to consider this in development of videos



e-commerce optimised for mobile – i.e. Amazon/eBay 1-click


Facebook & Conferences

Facebook shares go on the market today

For weeks there has been news about the Facebook IPO (initial public offering) and today investors can start buying stock. Reading many articles I have summarised some of the interesting stats:

  • Expected to sale at $38 a share – raising $16 billion
  • This would be the largest tech IPO in history
  • It would make Facebook worth more than Disney!
  • Facebook will retain 57% of the company

What does this mean for Facebook – the money will allow them to make more strategic acquisitions but will also mean they will need to extend how they make revenue. Stats about their current revenue are:

  • Made $5 billion last year
  • 85% from advertising
  • $2.4 from mobile advertising

Two ways to add revenue are gaming, which is popular via Facebook but not a huge revenue generator and the selling of data – not something anyone is keen on.

If you want to read more, the USA today article is great.

Guardian covered the key players.

I also found a great infograph on everything you need to know:

Infograph showing key stats about Facebook IPO

Everything You Need to know about Facebook IPO

Missed a couple of great conference whilst I was away. Luckily found some great summaries:

Making Mobile Marketing Work

Internet World 2012

Really interested to see that another US bill is being looked at – CISPA

Infograph explaining what is CISPA


Recently read some great articles following on from topics I have talked about:

Finally rather than a stat to sign off I have found some great Facebook stats

UPDATE – Since the shares went on sale, many things have happened:

What happens next? I will update this post when I know!


What is Social Media World Forum – they describe it as:

Top-level strategic advice and insight around how to engage customers, manage brand perceptions, empower employees and open new un-tapped audiences through diverse social media channels.

They have a few key topics:

–    Social Media Marketing
–    Social TV
–    Enterprise B2B and Social Marketing
–    Social Shopping and e-commerce
–    Marketing Tech Toolbox
–    Mobile Marketing

Their website includes summaries of what happened this year and live Tweets from the event.

Great summary on Storify from Nerd Insider


Third Sector Digital Fundraising Conference

Due to major workloads I wasnt able to attend the Third Sector Digital Fundraising Conference.

I decided I would follow what was happening on Twitter. It has taken me since 8am to find the #tag so I can pick up all the conversations – major fail Third Sector.

The #tag is #tsdigifun

Summary of key things from Tweeters at conference:

Every marketing channel needs to use tracking on links – so important!

Save The Children – add tracking URLs, tag your links – enables analyse of your supporter’s journey and pathways.

Connection, cash and capability” – the three C’s (pillars) of Oxfam’s digital strategy.

Amnesty combine campaigning & fundraising asks for great results. Tiananmen Sq campaign: of 12k who signed, 2k donated.

Andrew Barton, Oxfam: don’t only do donor segmentation digitally, or you will miss big chunks.

Consider who your digital audience is. Use qualitative and quantitive measures. Request feedback via social media. Send surveys.

Amnesty: Don’t replicate what you do offline – be bold and brave with your digital fundraising. Innovate.

Like the term “digital Jurassic Park” for charities yet to engage online social media.

Martin Copper from motorola made first mobile call way back in 1973.

The first text message was sent in 1992 (saying ‘Merry Christmas’)

There are 12.8million smartphone users in the UK. 23% of people use their phones to access the Internet.

ChristianAid: test and test again with mobile fundraising… Keep all factors the same, but alternate one (the ask, the media)

Guidelines and training key to getting so many Breast Cancer Care staff involved

BCC measure followers, @replies, retweets and visitors to websites. And quarterly collect stories from staff who’ve used SM

55% of #breastcancetcare6969 staff on twitter which is fantastic – including all directors & 2 trustees.

Utilise social media in creative ways: run competitions, drive FR message, get celebrity support, corporate donations per RT

Breast Cancer Care’s #bccsmint6969 hashtag got around 30k tweets – impressive!

@theBHF494949 invited fashion bloggers to redesign their shop fronts and blog about it. What a great use of social media

Get more “social media champions”, least one per team, to empower staff to represent charity.

Personalisation of content and clear messaging are vital for an effective an engaging website

Optimise donation process to make it easier for the supporter. Instead of multiple-page donation, Amazon-style 1-click donation?

ActionAid: Personalise email with dynamic, complicated data (eg. content changes depending on what time the email is opened)

We need to get away from broadcasting and move towards engagement in email marketing

Oh god, he’s talking about priority inbox – email marketers are doomed!
Trend for 2012: Turn away from broadcasting, and concern yourself with engagement. You’ll see interaction increase.

What can you offer by email, that you can’t offer by post? Give people a reason to supply their email address

ActionAid: Everyone hates their inbox. 6 out of 7 receivers won’t even open your email. Grow your email list at every opportunity

ActionAid: With email subject lines, ask yourself if you’d put it as a Facebook status. Urgency also works, as well as questions

Website has a hidden role in recruiting major donors and trusts
Donations from traditional fundraising have been falling for 5 years
Comic Relief: Significant expense involved in creating an app. Create an app-like experience for the web.

“Charities don’t need social media experts. They need marketeers who understand the digital channel” – Marcus East.

Credit to some of the main tweeters:


I then was pleased to find these great stats – I learnt loads today:
  • 11% of people are left handed, like me!
  • August has the highest percentage of births
  • Unless food is mixed with saliva you can’t taste it
  • The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes
  • A bear has 42 teeth
  • An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain
  • Most lipsticks contain fish scales
  • No two corn flakes look the same
  • Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries
  • 8% of people have an extra rib
  • 85% of plant life is found in the ocean
  • Ralph Lauren’s original name was Ralph Lifshitz
  • Rabbits like licorice
  • The Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters
  • ‘Topolino’ is the name for Mickey Mouse Italy
  • A lobsters blood is colorless but when exposed to oxygen it turns blue
  • Armadillos have 4 babies at a time and are all the same sex
  • Reindeer like bananas
  • The longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds
  • Birds need gravity to swallow