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71 things your child needs to know

This article caught my eye – 71 things your child needs to know

I have copied the 71 things and noted what Scarlett can do and what she is learning and what she will learn – great resource to see your child devlop

Personal and Social Development

Approach to learning

  • Shows eagerness and curiosity as a learner – my little girl loves the library
  • Persists in task and seeks help when encountering a problem – her fav saying is “no Scarlett do it” but she will ask you if she fails!
  • Is generally pleasant and cooperative – generally yes!


  • Follows rules and routines – likes routine – bath, bottle & bed
  • Manages transitions (going from one activity to the next) – tends to go from one to the next to the next
  • Demonstrates normal activity level – is always on the go

Interactions with Others

  • Interacts easily with one or more children – has loads of cousins so interacts with kids all the time
  • Interacts easily with familiar adults – is happy to be with her extended family
  • Participates in group activities – is always one of the pack
  • Plays well with others – know how to share
  • Takes turns and shares – will always share
  • Cleans up after play – if mummy helps!

Conflict Resolution – looking forward to this

  • Seeks adult help when needed to resolve conflicts
  • Uses words to resolve conflicts

Language and Literacy


  • Listens with understanding to directions and conversations – amazed about how good she is with this
  • Follows one-step directions – being doing this for ages
  • Follows two-step directions – started doing this recently


  • Speaks clearly enough to be understood without contextual clues – it was just us that understood her but now everyone can
  • Relates experiences with some understanding of sequences of events – tells everyone what she has done and in what order

Literature and Reading

  • Listens with interest to stories read aloud – loves stories
  • Shows interest in reading-related activities – loves the libary
  • Retells information from a story – only the bit from night garden where iggle piggle isnt sleeping!
  • Sequences three pictures to tell a logical story – not yet!

Writing – she loves to draw but not mastered writing yet

  • Uses pictures to communicate ideas
  • Uses scribbles, shapes, and letter-like symbols to write words or ideas

Alphabet Knowledge – loves her game with the alphabet

  • Recites/sings alphabet
  • Matches upper-case letters
  • Matches lower-case letters
  • Identifies upper-case letters
  • Identifies lower-case letters

Mathematical Thinking

Patterns and Relationships

  • Sorts by color, shape, and size – started doing this!
  • Orders or seriates several objects on the basis of one attribute
  • Recognizes simple patterns and duplicates them

Number concept and operations

  • Rote counts to 20 – 1-7 at the moment
  • Counts objects with meaning to 10
  • Matches numerals
  • Identifies by naming, numerals 0-10

Geometry and spatial relations

  • Identifies 4 shapes- circle, square, rectangle, triangle – gets shapes into shape holes and understands circle
  • Demonstrates concepts of positional/directional concepts (up/down, over/under, in/out, behind/in front of, beside/between, top/bottom, inside/outside, above/below, high/low, right/left, off/on, first/last, far/near, go/stop) – wow she knows all of these!


  • Shows understanding of and uses comparative words (big/little, large/small, short/long, tall/short, slow/fast, few/many, empty/full, less/more. – everything is little or big!

Physical Development

Gross-Motor Skills

  • Pedals and steers a tricycle – her feet cannot touch the pedals but she tries
  • Jumps in place, landing on two feet – counts 1,2 and then jumps – where ever she is!
  • Jumps consecutively- 7 jumps – not yet
  • Balances on one foot for 5 seconds – not yet
  • Hops on one foot 2-3 hops – not yet
  • Hops on one foot- 6 ft. – not yet
  • Throws a ball with direction- 5 ft. – tries
  • Catches a thrown ball with arms and body – lets her dad catch!
  • Climbs a playground ladder – scarily but yes!
  • Skips smoothly for 20 feet

Fine-Motor Skills

  • Stacks 10, one-inch blocks
  • Strings 4 1/2″ beads in two minutes
  • Completes a seven piece interlocking puzzle
  • Makes a pancake, snake, and ball from playdough
  • Grasps pencil correctly – started to do this
  • Copies:  vertical line, horizontal line, circle, cross, square, V, triangle
  • Copies first name
  • Prints first name without a model
  • Grasps scissors correctly
  • Cuts within 1/4″ of a 6″ straight line on construction paper
  • Cuts out a 3″ square on construction paper
  • Cuts out a 3″ triangle on construction paper
  • Cuts out a 3″ circle on construction paper
  • Uses a glue stick appropriately
  • Uses appropriate amount of glue for tasks

The Arts

Creative Arts

  • Identifies 10 colors:  red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink – starting to really learn her colours
  • Uses a variety of art materials for tactile experience and exploration


  • Participates in group music experiences
  • Participates in creative movement/dance – loves to dance

Creative Dramatics

  • Makes believe with objects – goes shopping all the time
  • Takes on pretend roles and situations – she loves being the mummy

I plan to revisit this list in a year….the changes


My grown up little girl

A follow-up to last weeks post, two things made me feel like my little baby is gone and been replaced my a beautiful, clever little girl (I’m biased I know)

Firstly, we changed her trike into a bike which she loved:


Scarlett on her bike

Scarlett on her bike

Then she spent her last day in toddler room at nursery and from next week will be in the big kid class……

I’m looking forward to an active summer and found some great resources for things to do. My favs list so fare is:

Summer Time Bucket List: 50 Activities for the Kids: maybe for summers to come, but  a great list:

  1. Go Catch some bugs – got her net ready!
  2. Watch a butterfly hatch from a chrysalis.
  3. Make and enjoy fresh kid-made limeade.
  4. Paint with fizzing sidewalk paint.
  5. Dream of winter by making snowglobes.
  6. Take a mini-road trip to a new destination.
  7. Make homemade bouncy balls.
  8. Make a fire, create and roast campfire food.
  9. Freeze some fun toys in ice and be an excavator and chip them free.
  10. Jump rope – create a fun durable rope from marker lids.
  11. Play I-Spy outside! Great way to notice the little details in the world around you!
  12. Clean out the trash cans… and then make noise with them!
  13. With a balloon and a CD fly a CD hover craft.
  14. Play with your food – eat a pretend Lorax!
  15. Watch ants change colors and learn about how they digest food with a fun outdoor experiment.
  16. Kool-aide Slurppies. Nothing says summer time better than slurppies by the pool.
  17. Visit a farmers market together and make veggie smoothies (or a dessert smoothie) with the produce.
  18. Fill a dry kiddie pool with a variety of items for a giant sensory tub activity.
  19. Watch pill bugs race. See if you can collect a whole “family” of bugs.
  20. Make and eat some homemade kid-made butter.
  21. Add some fun to your slip-n-slide, with shaving cream!
  22. Use damaged pool noodles for art, a sword fight, or to create a marble run.
  23. Play outdoor bingo – go on a hunt for the items on your card. Whoever finds things in a row first wins.
  24. Experience and explore gravity by playing with pulleys
  25. Decorate rocks for your garden – with melted crayons!
  26. Have a lazy boardgame afternoon.
  27. Pick a flower, with your favorite color of paint make flower prints.
  28. Explore the colors of the rainbow with ice.
  29. Play with glow sticks – put them inside balloons, dump the contents into jars of water, paint with them, etc.
  30. Create with your recycle bin – make art and toys out of trash.
  31. Have a lemonade stand with the kids – put smiles on your neighbors faces.
  32. Decorate some tin cans and create some DIY windchimes. Compare the sounds of different sizes/shapes of cans.
  33. Collect your summer memories into a keepsake jar.
  34. Create art sculptures with tin foil.
  35. Decorate your yard with balloon people OR make a bunch and hand them out at the park – put smiles on the kids faces.
  36. Get muddy and make some dirt soup with the kids!
  37. Paint with water outside – I love mess-free art!
  38. Foam – a messy project, great to incorporate with washing the car! Make foam and then use the flakes to wash the car.
  39. Make a water xylophone with the kids to make music with.
  40. Freeze bananas (or grapes, strawberries, etc. Dip them in chocolate or yogurt for a fun summer treat.
  41. Play with giant bubbles – the bigger the better.
  42. Take your kids fishing. Don’t have a pole? Go pretend fishing.
  43. Explore your shadow – trace them, chase them, make them dance!
  44. Have a tea party – outside. Bring your friends and stuffed animals.
  45. Make a splashpad at your own house with a DIY PVC pipe sprinkler system.
  46. Have fun decorating the garden with some paving stones.
  47. Water the yard – the slow way, with homemade watering cans.
  48. Explore scents outside with a water table experiment.
  49. Play and mold sculptures with Rice Crispie Treats
  50. collect items for a bird nest – that the birds can use to decorate their nests with.


Being a mum, holidays and weddings

My mum brought me a great book for my birthday – Just Like Mum Says.  It’s full of quotes about being a mummy, I cannot believe Scarlett is nearly two – our lives have changed so much in those two years.  If you are a new mum I highly recommend this book.

One of the biggest things I have noticed since becoming a mum is how tech savvy we really are. There must be a million plus mummy bloggers, millions of mums online to answer questions you pose or review the new must have baby thing. I found them all a great source of comfort and practical help from when Scarlett was born. It seems now that marketers are catching up to how “online” mums are.

The IMoms summit seemed a great place to visit – shame it was in the US.  Here is a few links to some great articles:

I recently read a great story about a courageous mum, who turned her family’s stressful events into a business, in-turn helping other families.   After her son was born early and she struggled to find clothes that fit him, she started a clothing line for premie babies – she helped families by adding humor to the clothes. She found humor helped her & husband through the tough times and it looks like her clothes are helping other families.

Scarlett & I are very lucky, we have a great husband/dad – he is Scarlett’s full-time carer and I think he should write a blog/book for other dads about how to do it! Found a great infograph following (another great US event).

One of the greatest articles I found was 71 things your child needs to know – I have started a new post (will publish soon) to track what Scarlett does know, what she is learning and what is far off!

on 29 April this year it was our 1st Wedding anniversary – we were on holiday celebrating. This was Scarlett’s 1st holiday and she loved it! From the drive to their airport to the final coach home she loved HOLIDAY.  For anyone interested I have reviewed our holiday and our favourite restaurant (which we went to for our anniversary dinner).

As I had never been aboard with Scarlett before I wasnt sure what to take – I found a great list online that helped me pack & prepare. It seemed like I had everything but the kitchen sink, but I think my husband, mum & daughter will agree I had everything we needed………..



Being a mummy in spring

I love being a mum and as Scarlett gets older I am loving it more & more. Since she started nursery she likes to be doing stuff and as I spend my week at work and away from her I like to do stuff too!

I found a great article about 10 things to do in Spring and I am trying to do them all:

  1. Plant some seeds, bulbs, plants – we have some that we are hoping to plant at my moms or we will do some cress heads  – if that counts
  2. Go for a walk – she likes to walk with her daddy to see the horses
  3. Go to a Farm – my friend at work has invited us to his farm to see the animals which we are looking forward to
  4. Attract wildlife to your garden – not sure how we could do this in our small garden?
  5. Make a sundial – Scarlett may be too young for this
  6. Go for a bike ride – soon we will be taking the harness of her smart trike making it more like a bike!
  7. Go for a picnic – she loved the picnic she had with her Nanny on Sunday
  8. Do some Spring Crafts – today she made loads of easter crafts for our Easter Egg Hunt on Friday….watch this space
  9. Bird watching – on Sunday we saw a lovely Swan on the canal by our house – Scarlett seemed mesmerised by it
  10. Spring Clean – we are still hoping to move so a spring clean is on the books

NSPCC are launching a new campaign based on the success of many viral videos S$&t kids say.  It is a very powerful video and a great way to use a trend for the right campaign.

If you are like me you will be a family on a budget, most of the people I follow on Twitter give me great tips about being a family on a budget. Recently I found a great blog – family budgeting – described as creative ideas for raising a family on a budget. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Wanted to share a great tip with you about an emergency kit for your car – it inspired me to update mine! And I found this tip on Pinterest

The independent did a great article on the 7 ages of motherhood – I am the First Time Mother wondering if I will ever be the experienced hand!

10 apps for motherhood – I am not sure I will use any of these but I do think the iPad is great for moms, kids and families alike.

One of my favourite blogs – beingamummy – back on mother’s day she answered some questions on motherhood. I loved the article so much I wanted to answer them for myself:

Describe motherhood in three words
Rewarding, amazing and exhausting.

Does your experience differ from your mother’s? How?
I had my little one at the same age my mum had me but I think things have changed so much. Also I went back to work when my little girl was 5 weeks, my mum stayed at home until I was in school – I think that makes our experiences very different.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum?
Lack of a decent night sleep and when she is ill.

What’s the best thing?
When your little one first says Mummy, when they smile and how everything she does she does with a smile.

How has it changed you?
Lots and lots.

What do you hope for your children?

Health & to be happy.

What do you fear for them?

The riots last year made me really worry what world will be there when Scarlett is older.

What makes it all worthwhile?

Scarlett’s smile when I get home from work or the kiss I get 1st thing in the morning.

Something I have learnt being a mum is limit your chores! This may be a surprise to people who know me but I am trying to worry less and less about the chores and spending more quality time with my family.


Christmas as a Mummy

As a kid I loved Christmas, as a mummy I am sooooo excited.

This weekend we talk our little one to see Santa, she was excited, mainly because Mummy was but then Santa’s elf lead us into Santa’s grotto and her smile and excitement disappeared. I was lucky she didn’t scream the place down whilst we tried to take the picture!

Scarlett visiting Santa at his Grotto

Scarlett not sure about Santa

We then spent Saturday morning putting up the tree – she loved the decorations but isn’t too bothered with the tree – I turned over the ends so she couldn’t pull them all of and she seems bored now…. I wonder if that will change!

Saturday evening I wrote all my Christmas Cards and Scarlett keen to get involved scribbled across all of them, some lucky recipients got a bit of biscuit too…… I was a but surprised when I dropped her off at Nursery on Monday to get a list of the kids in her room – I asked her do you know who ** & ** is and then I remembered she is 15 months! Is it too early for her to be sending her own Christmas Cards?

We have lots of Christmas activities planned, I am looking forward the most to our PJ/Xmas film watching with just Mummy, Little One & her Cousin (1 year older!)

I’m probably more excited than her about Christmas, I just cannot wait to see her face on Christmas morning when Santa has visited……… What are you looking forward to?

5 things people might not know about me

After reading a post by Dave Fleet – 11 things people dont know about me  I did wonder what dont people know about me. Do people know everything because of social media and my online presence?

Everyone knows I’m married – one of the 1st things I did was change my status & name on Facebook, everyone knows I have my daughter – her picture was posted to Facebook within hours of her birth. Everyone knows who I work for just by me checking in at work.  So what is left that people may or not know about me:

1. I am a neat freak – everyone who visited my house pre-baby thought I had series OCD!

2. Girl Racer – I loved my sports car & it did break my heart to exchange it for a family car!

3.  I love NKOTB and was happy to see them at their 1st reunion tour – hoping to get tickets for the 2nd tour alongside Backstreet Boys

4.  IPAD2 – I love my IPAD2 and wishes we could have one each as we have to share custody between my little girl and my husband & I – do other families have to do this?

5.  Xmas – I have always loved Christmas but found the excitement get less and less the older I am. This year by little girl will be 17 months so I am hoping she will start to get the excitement I had as a little girl.

What things do people not know about you?

Digital Marketing Mummy

What a great week. My little girl finally walked. She took her few 1st steps last week and then on Sunday whilst out celebrating her cousins birthday she took 12 steps on her own. That started her getting on her feet & walking around the lounge between me & the husband. I am a very proud Mummy & cannot wait for the weekend & some quality Mummy & Munchkin time.

This last week has been a very very busy week in the world of digital, all of the following things are what caught my attention:

Facebook Timeline – I keep seeing designs and is patiently waiting to see when it will happen. Looking at what we can do for the work page as well as my own page. Also really interested to see what will happen with the Facebook insights.  Great story on Mashable about 10 designs they have selected –

Iphone 4s vs Iphone 4 comparison


Obviously the announcement on the new iPhone 4S – not sure if I was disappointed about no iPhone 5 – most iPhone users are gearing up to upgrade their iPhone on Friday so hopefully I will get to see the difference. The  infograph does a good comparison. Looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks.

Google management time spent on Google +

If they dont spend time on Google + should you?

Each day I struggle more & more with Google+, when I first joined I found the information really useful. Since it happened up I see more & more spam or just images. Then I saw the following chart and thought to myself – if they dont use it then I’m not going to worry about using it!

As part of our digital strategy we have applied for a YouTube charity account & we are revamping the channel, our videos, how we use them and loads more. This is something I am more & more excited about as I see video as the future.  I took time to quickly re-read YouTube and Video Marketing An Hour A Day  by Greg Jarboe which is a great place to start. It gives a great insight into where you can start with YouTube but also the in’s & outs of the advertising model.  I also looked at 20 Most-Shared Ads This Month  – [VIDEOS]

Finally, LinkedIn – as of Thursday this week is allowing business to post status updates. I started thinking how this would work? What could we post? What would people want to know? I think it will be a slow burner – I am now following more & more companies to see if they post & what. I think all these developments are interesting & makes LinkedIn more of a contender in the social media network space. To read more about the plans, here is a great article.

A few weeks update

So much has happened in the last few weeks, wanted to try & include them all in a catch up post – might make this a regular start of the month thing!

Firstly, I now want an Amazon Kindle Fire – I am a gadget freak anyway but this seems to work for me, just need to know whether I can do Hootsuite & this blog – if so I reckon it will be my new year tweet. This will leave the Ipad to my husband & daughter who seem to get pleasure from it where as I use it as a practical tool! Anyone else getting the new Amazon Kindle Fire – any ideas on the date it is due for UK release?
Our current economic climate as meant that my sister was made redundant & now my mum is likely to – 10 days before Christmas. My sister is doing all the right things but is still struggling to find work – she is mainly over qualified! She is enjoying looking after Scarlett at least 3 days a week rather than sitting in bored!

Scarlett seems to have a better social life than my & the husband put together! Her week is :

Scarlett playing at playgroup

Scarlett playing on a ride on car @ playgroup

Monday – all day at Nursery

Tuesday AM – Playgroup

Wednesday PM – Playgroup

Thursday AM – Music

Thursday PM – Swimming

Friday AM – Playgroup

Friday PM – Playdates

Do other mums feel their kids have amazing social life & you are always running around preparing for the next day! I see the changes in her every day & learns something new so I would recommend it to any mums. She also loves going to the library which I tend to do on a Saturday morning, I’m lucky that all the local libraries have activities & a wide range of books for Scarlett’s age. No wonder with all this activity she is sleeping in her own cot all night! Two weeks & counting.

This month my new team member finally started & she is an asset to the team. Her title Social Media Executive is one of many I have seen advertised over the last few months. It seems all business are now recruiting for social media posts. In her 1st two weeks she has made a difference and capitalised on all the things we should have being doing but never had time. I’m sure she will make a huge difference to the company & the role digital plays.

Social media has been on the news recently, with Facebooks new features & Google + now open to everyone. Working in digital and being at the start of social media I find all these changes fascinating and cannot wait to see how they will playout personally & professionally. The only issue I have at the moment is the overkill of status updates, it seems since it opened to all I get loads & loads of similar & not relevant updates making it impossible to find the good stuff! Might be going off G+ already.

Lots planned for this month including

Books – planning to catch up on my professional & personal reading. New Martina Cole book is on order from the library
Christmas planning – trying to budget & spread the cost of Christmas by starting early
To buy or rent – as my little girl grows she is slowly taking over our house (and her nans & aunties) so we are looking to upsize

What has everyone else got planned?

Top 5 things I found most useful as a new mum

With lots of people in work due to start their maternity leave and asking what helped me, I thought about the top things that helped me & what didnt.

I came up with this list:

  1. Dummies –
  2. Baby Sling –
  3. Join the baby clubs at all the supermarkets/boots/bounty – you would  be amazed how much you save!
  4. Any cheap bouncer –—Bugs/002670355,default,pd.html
  5. Eye mask to block out the sunlight as you will want to sleep when the baby does even if it is daylight

And the ones that I didnt use:

1. Baby bath – far too much work

2. Nappy bin – just smelt!

What things/advice helped you?

Very weird day!

As a new mum I feel disappointed in our society.  On Monday night I had to admit that it was the 1st time I wondered what world I had brought my daughter into!

There is an underlying issue that has been lost with everyone rioting & looting.

Everyone has placed more & more value on material things and less value on education, morals & community.

This generation has less & less opportunities and they feel that they are targeted by the police.

As a society our moral compass is all wrong, just look at our politicians, police & journalists.

But this is not an excuse for their behaviour. They are fulfilling every stereotype.

Get you point across by proving everyone wrong that you are not scum.

On a happier note by little munchkin has tired herself out having so much fun with her Aunty!