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5 things people might not know about me

After reading a post by Dave Fleet – 11 things people dont know about me  I did wonder what dont people know about me. Do people know everything because of social media and my online presence?

Everyone knows I’m married – one of the 1st things I did was change my status & name on Facebook, everyone knows I have my daughter – her picture was posted to Facebook within hours of her birth. Everyone knows who I work for just by me checking in at work.  So what is left that people may or not know about me:

1. I am a neat freak – everyone who visited my house pre-baby thought I had series OCD!

2. Girl Racer – I loved my sports car & it did break my heart to exchange it for a family car!

3.  I love NKOTB and was happy to see them at their 1st reunion tour – hoping to get tickets for the 2nd tour alongside Backstreet Boys

4.  IPAD2 – I love my IPAD2 and wishes we could have one each as we have to share custody between my little girl and my husband & I – do other families have to do this?

5.  Xmas – I have always loved Christmas but found the excitement get less and less the older I am. This year by little girl will be 17 months so I am hoping she will start to get the excitement I had as a little girl.

What things do people not know about you?