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Great week off – back to great insight into our every changing world thanks to digital

What a great bank holiday week off. Loved spending quality time with the family & kept the promise to the husband not to tweet, blog, +1, linked in etc etc.  I did visit Facebook but just to view pictures of my daughters baptism.

Our daughter's baptism with Emma & Marcus Thompson

Emma, Scarlett & Marcus Thompson

It made me think – how much time should I spend on social media, how much of that should be for work, career & personal –

Representation of what time you could spend on social media

Social Media Every Hour of Every Day

I then saw this image (sorry I totally forgot where I saw this) – I could spend sometime nearly ever hour on social media but how do I make sure it’s not overload & that I don’t forget how to talk to people!

How much time do you spend on social media – is there a limit?

I also picked up am article from Paul Sutton on Linked In that discussed how search has changed how we connect with people & how we remember stuff –

It really resounded with me as I am well-known for setting arguments with “I’ll Google it” – a favourite of my husbands and I am sure something my daughter will copy!

I also read a great article about the top 10 digital marketers – it gave me great inspiration for what I can do to be a better digital marketer.  With all this inspiration when I received an email from adtech London I decided to take their quiz  –

Turns out I am just  Marketing Wannabe not Guru! Better SWOT up on my digital foundations!

Just a quick link relating to my previous post about my Klout score – Peter Shankman did a great post about the Klout score –

So my Klout score is more important to brands who want to market to me so I can influence!