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Digital Empowerment Conference

Tweets from the conference – love that I can still get insight when I cannot be physically there:

#decon2012 Have an interesting story or you’ll be shouting into the wind, says David James.

Think of your value proposition in 8 words #decon2012

@myographer “Don’t try and convert haters. Just let them go.” #decon2012

Blog tips via @DaveChaffey yoast on WordPress #decon2012

2.7 billion ‘likes’ on facebook every day. #decon2012

107M monthly unique monthly visitors to LinkedIn. #decon2012

There r 465M twitter accounts 135M members of LinkedIn. Wow! I like a statistic. #decon2012

Google+ 67% users are male; top occupation of users: student; 5bn +1’s per day. #decon2012

And 12M on Pinterest. 97% of likes r by women #decon2012

@steve_revill Ive nt used #Pinterest heavily bt it’s gud 4 #SEO #backlinking. I dont knw hw long it will last so take advantage #decon2012

What do you want to achieve? It cant be to increase your Klout score @davechaffey #decon2012

Social listening services are like a press cuttings service…on steroids according to @mikeberrytweets #decon2012

Don’t try to be an expert at everything #decon2012

Bloggers- have a contract with yourself about the frequency of posts you will commit to. And stick to it. Via @DaveChaffey #decon2012

Your brand needs a personality. Personality is not just what you stand for but how you communicate it #decon2012

Totally agree! “@DaveChaffey #decon2012 personal branding on twitter is about long form content and a blog is essential” #social #ux #mobile

Content has to be relevant & interesting #decon2012 @annmariehanlon

@annmariehanlon #decon2012 meet more people on on-line network than at a networking event. Spend more time on Linked In network

Every business is a multi-channel publisher now #decon2012

Use LinkedIn Skills to see most influential commentators in an industry sector or specialism via @DaveChaffey #decon2012

@DaveChaffey: “Invest time in your blog. The more time you invest, the more you will stand out” #decon2012

@DaveChaffey #decon2012 when developing a #blog you need to create the OVP online value proposition; sell, inform, entertain balance

@DaveChaffey thinks Google+ is here to stay #decon2012

90% of career success comes from attitude and behaviour (30%) and visibility and exposure (60%) via @LesleyEverett #decon2012

Social listening should replace social media monitoring @mikeberrytweets at #decon2012

Do u know what yr OVP is? That’s Online Value Proposition dontcha know courtesy of @davechaffey #decon2012

Content marketing plan – does your business have one? There’s now a dedicated institute @DaveChaffey #decon2012

RT @MarthaToulouse: Don’t be too noisy on LinkedIn timeline. Put the invisibility ON if you are making small changes #decon2012 // Good tip

#decon2012 monitor & measure your social media. Must have a look at Google Reader. @annmariehanlon

Look at job descriptions you like/want, identify key words and ensure they’re in all your profiles, blogs @annmariehanlon at #decon2012

Every update (on social networks) is like toothpaste. Once it’s out the tube it can’t go back in. Love that. @annmariehanlon #decon2012

RT @DaveChaffey from @annemariehanlon: What do your online profiles tell employers about you? #decon2012 > #mywebcareer

#decon2012 Clued up companies are beginning to see the importance of personal branding for senior individuals, says Mike Berry.



Great week off – back to great insight into our every changing world thanks to digital

What a great bank holiday week off. Loved spending quality time with the family & kept the promise to the husband not to tweet, blog, +1, linked in etc etc.  I did visit Facebook but just to view pictures of my daughters baptism.

Our daughter's baptism with Emma & Marcus Thompson

Emma, Scarlett & Marcus Thompson

It made me think – how much time should I spend on social media, how much of that should be for work, career & personal –

Representation of what time you could spend on social media

Social Media Every Hour of Every Day

I then saw this image (sorry I totally forgot where I saw this) – I could spend sometime nearly ever hour on social media but how do I make sure it’s not overload & that I don’t forget how to talk to people!

How much time do you spend on social media – is there a limit?

I also picked up am article from Paul Sutton on Linked In that discussed how search has changed how we connect with people & how we remember stuff –

It really resounded with me as I am well-known for setting arguments with “I’ll Google it” – a favourite of my husbands and I am sure something my daughter will copy!

I also read a great article about the top 10 digital marketers – it gave me great inspiration for what I can do to be a better digital marketer.  With all this inspiration when I received an email from adtech London I decided to take their quiz  –

Turns out I am just  Marketing Wannabe not Guru! Better SWOT up on my digital foundations!

Just a quick link relating to my previous post about my Klout score – Peter Shankman did a great post about the Klout score –

So my Klout score is more important to brands who want to market to me so I can influence!