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As I am new to this I wanted to know how I shared my Amazon reading list that I created on Linked In – after much searching I still couldnt find out how so I have share the link above – I hope it works.

One of the best books I have read is Likable Media – it breaks social media down into workable actions which is really useful. I have tested at least 5 things from the book so far & seen great things across my personal accounts.

I have three books on my desk that I hoping to start, finish & even pick up – I find it hard to keep my reading up as well as tweets/blogs/emails & now Google +


Intresting articles I have seen in last two weeks

Just a link to some interesting articles I have seen over the last two weeks:

Google Plus –

Summary of how Google Plus will affect business & their social media policies – I am in the process of reviewing the social media policy for the charity work for and found this article a great starting point for G+

Google Plus Summary –

How the GooglePlus model works & how we interact with it

How you target the friends of fans & the value  – this is something I am looking to do shortly so this was timely to me

A generally try to read at least once a week!

My fav link is:

I am sure he will be snapped up if he hasn’t already!

What have you seen this week that is worth sharing?